How to make a Origami Koala | Paper Koala | Easy Origami

How to make a Origami Koala | Paper Koala | Easy Origami

fold in half fold a half up in both sides fold the tail down inside fold the edge out, follow the long line first then just make it flat sorry for out of the screen repeat in the remain side, fold the top to the behind fold a little part of top down inside fold small part of right corner inside then fold a part of that part out side to make the Koala small tail fold the ear straight in to the left fold the ear back and little bit up fold a small part in the upper ear inside repeat in the remain ear so sorry for my finger fold the top of both ear inside i am adjusting the ear flat the top of head flat a small part the nose then fold to the right in both side flat the part under the nose fold the lower leg up little bit repeat the other side fold the foot up done

20 thoughts on “How to make a Origami Koala | Paper Koala | Easy Origami

  1. no te rindas. aunque tengas poco suscriptores puedes seguir subiendo vídeos .así empiezan todos. que lindos origamis

  2. Hi! Nice video! Loved the model!
    Try to explain your steps and show more clearly what u'r doing, explain the marks you chose to fold, sometimes your fingers got in the way of the camera.


  4. What a fun design! I had great time folding it. It looked deceivingly simple at first but actually required quite a few very interesting techniques. Thanks for posting!

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