How to make a NEWSPAPER BIKE | Paper craft | #ChooseToCreate

How to make a NEWSPAPER BIKE | Paper craft | #ChooseToCreate

What’s up, guys? I’m Rob.
Welcome to my channel. Guys, the first thing I wish to say… …is that you loved the last
two videos I uploaded.. …where I used Asian paints’ Trugrip
cr8 non-toxic glue. So, thank you. And you requested me to make some
more DIY projects using glue.. …so, today I have a very interesting
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my new video is uploaded. And these are my Instagram handles. You can follow me here as well. So, shall we begin today’s
interesting DIY project? Get ready. It’s time for some DIY. Why? Because I love it. Alright, let’s get started.
I am very excited today.. …as I am going to make
an interesting project. I shall make a miniature bike today. That too, using newspaper and glue. As you can see I have a simple
sketch of a bike over here. You can even make a realistic
looking model if you wish. A cruiser bike or a sports bike. I wanted the shape or form
of my bike to be simple… …that’s why I made a simple sketch.. …which I will follow to make
the model of a bike. So, let’s bring some
newspaper and let’s start. So, I have cut some
newspaper strips here. I shall take one of them. I shall roll it to
get a cylindrical tube. Basically I shall make
various parts of the bike… …by rolling and
folding the newspaper. I shall show it to you one by one
and you can follow the same process. I shall use this to roll
the newspaper. This is a skewer. You could use a thin stick or the
refill of a ball point pen if you wish. What we will do is place the
skewer in one corner like this.. …and then basically with
the help of the skewer… …we shall tightly roll
the newspaper. Like this. And we have to roll the
newspaper in a tube. The tighter it is
the better it will be. You must continue to
roll it in this manner. And when you reach the end,
you can lock it by applying glue. So, let’s apply some glue. Look at that.
Quite an interesting design. Since it is very easy to hold this
it becomes very easy to apply glue. I don’t have a big bottle in my hand. I have this small
ball that I’m holding. I can turn it at any angle. So, this is very convenient… …and it’s fun to work with this. Okay, so, we have
applied glue over here. We will simply roll it now. Let it stick. Once done, you
can pull the skewer out. Like that. So, your cylindrical tube is ready
and I have made more… …with the same technique.
Look at that. So, I shall make various
parts of the bike using these. As you can see, I can make
several parts of the bike… …using these paper tubes, such
as the handle bar, back rest… …silencer or even the leg rest. All the parts where we need
a rod, a tube or a pipe… …I can use this paper tube for it. All I have to do is
cut it in different sizes.. ..and I shall stick it in these
places to make parts of the bike. Now I shall use these same tubes to
make the wheels, the mud guards etc. I shall show you how that is done. Let’s do it. Firstly I shall press the tube
like this with a flat object… …to give it a flat shape.
Just like that. You can do it with your hands if
you wish but if your tube is thick.. will need a flat object.. ..such as the backend
of a scissors or a spoon. Once the tube is flat you
hold one corner and roll it.. you get the shape of a wheel. I shall roll this corner
inwards in this manner. You simply tightly roll it and when
you come to the end of one tube.. can stick this and roll
another tube from the same spot.. that your wheel or circular
shape becomes bigger. You should get the size that you want. Let’s stick this. Let’s add another tube. We shall apply glue to this.. that the second
tube gets stuck over here. Actually, I am enjoying working
with this new bottle of glue. Since it is so small and colorful, your process becomes
fun and enjoyable. Doesn’t look like I’m using glue. It feels like I am
using a small toy or prop. Okay, this is stuck. I am rolling it in this manner.. the size of
my wheel becomes bigger. When this is done I shall stick this
as well and then I’ll add one more.. get the desired size. Look at that. One wheel is done.
Looks pretty nice. It is stuck very nicely.
It has been tightly rolled. Now, let’s follow the same
technique to make another wheel. Okay, so, this is one wheel. Look at that. Now, let’s make this one. Okay. So, we have a second wheel here. I want the back wheel
to be a little wider. So, we shall make
one more set of this. Look at that. We have one more. I shall stick the two together so
we get one wide wheel like this. Now, I shall follow this shape
to make a bike tank. There you go. This is the bike tank. It’s the same technique. I simply flattened
and rolled this tube.. ..and gave it the
shape of the bike tank. Again, I want this to be wide as well. Let’s add more. And there you go.
I have made three pieces of this… we get a big bike tank. Even this is ready. Similarly we shall make
the remaining parts too. All these shapes were almost circular. These are ready. The pending parts, such as the seat
and the engine shape I need to make. I shall make flat pieces for that. Like this. I have simply folded
the paper over here.. …and made a flat piece. If I stick 2-3 pieces together… …I will get the
shape of a bike’s engine. Like that. Let’s place it over here. Again, I folded paper
to make this one piece.. ..which will be the first seat.
Like this. And this is the second seat.
I have made this slightly bigger. Like this. We shall stick it over here. Okay. We have the seats. Now, I shall make the guards
on top of the wheels. I have used the same
technique for this as well. I have made this ring. Basically,
again, I flattened the tube.. ..rolled and stuck it
and left it hollow inside. I shall cut it into two halves now. There you go. Now I can alter it to the
size I want and stick it on. We have our guard here and this one
will be used for the back wheel. The parts of the bike where we need
rods, such as handle bars, backrest.. ..we shall use these paper tubes
for it as I mentioned before. Already I cut them into smaller sizes. We shall alter them
to the size we require.. ..and stick them to assemble
the bike. Let’s do that. There’s one thing I like
very much about Trugrip. No matter how messy
or cluttered your table is.. can easily find these bottles
as these bottles are so colorful. So, you can pick it
up and get back to work. Let’s glue all the parts together. I shall build the
front of the bike first. I shall glue the front
wheel to this paper tube.. look like the
handle bars extension. I am going to glue
the wheel guard now. Okay. So, this is more or less done. I shall build the central
part of the bike now. The engine, gear box and petrol
tank is found in this portion. We shall glue all these parts
together to build the engine. And I am making an armature down
here with some more paper tubes.. ..where the engine and
gear box is affixed in place. The unit of the bike will
get extra support this way. Also I am sticking some
more paper tubes around it.. ..which will strengthen our structure. Okay. I am sticking
the back wheel together. I shall apply some more glue
and press it hard so it sticks. Now, I shall make the handle
bars by sticking this paper tube. I’m going to fold
and stick it this way. There you go.
This is the headlight. I am pressing this piece
inwards to make the headlight.. we have a small cavity like this. So, you can see this
is giving it a good shape. This will be our headlight.
There you go. As you can see,
the bike is taking shape here. Look at that. The front wheel and handle
bars section is complete. It’s looking nice.
So is the back part. I have made the wheel pretty wide. Our tank, gear box and the
rest of the unit is also ready. I shall glue these two
pieces together like this.. the shape of the bike is formed. Then we shall attach the
seats and backrest and so on.. …to assemble the bike.
Let’s do that. Look at that.
It’s looking pretty cool. Also, it is standing easily. I
haven’t even affixed the stand as yet. Look at that. This is so because
I made this wheel pretty wide. For that reason it
can stand easily. Perfect! We shall affix the
seats and the backrest now. And our bike will be ready. And there you go. You can see that the bike is ready. It’s looking pretty cool. I’m super happy with this. Look at that. Looks beautiful! We have made the complete
bike using newspaper. It has a pretty good look but I’m
planning on giving it a metallic look. First I shall coat it
all black with acrylic paint. Then I shall give it a
metallic finish with a dry brush. So, let’s do that. Alright. The whole bike appears
to be coated nicely. I shall leave it to dry now. We will give it a metallic
finish when it dries. Alright. As you can
see my color has dried. I will give it a metallic finish now. I have a copper metallic
color over here. I shall take a little of it and wipe
this brush on cardboard.. ..because I want to
give it a dry brush effect. I have chosen copper color but if
you wish you could use gold.. ..silver or any other
finish that you like. And here you go.
It has a metallic finish. Look at that.
It’s looking really nice. I have given it a dry brush effect. I have only given it highlights of
metal or metal finish on some spots. It’s looking nice. It is more or less black… …but I gave it a light
metal finish to the pipes.. …or the places where
things were jutting out. I think it’s looking pretty cool. Let’s remove the newspaper now. I have prepared a
cardboard base for this. Let’s place it on
that to see how it looks. Alright. Look at that! It’s looking so cool. It does not look like
something we’ve made… …out of newspaper and glue. It has such a nice
cool metallic finish. I’m super happy with this. Let’s make the lighting a little
dramatic and see how our bike looks. Let’s do that. What did you think of today’s project? Wasn’t it very simple? And all we used was
newspaper and glue. In fact, as an artist, I liked
Trugrip cr8 glue very much.. ..because of a lot of reasons. Especially the shape. It is pretty unique and interesting. It is very easy to hold.. ..and because of that dispensing
the glue becomes easy. Secondly,
the packaging is quite bright. The bottles are very colorful. It catches your eye. In fact, last time too I said if
a this product is on your table..’ll definitely
catch your attention.. ..and it will encourage or inspire
you to explore your creativity. Just as we did over here. So, you should definitely
try this glue out. You’ll enjoy it. I hope you really enjoyed this
video and found this tutorial helpful. Give me a big like if you enjoyed it. Share it with your
friends if possible. And please subscribe to my channel
if you haven’t done so as yet. And if you make something, click
pictures and share them with me. These are my Instagram handles. I too will see them if you tag me. Let me know in the comments section.. ..which project you
liked best of the three. I shall see you soon. Till then, do good and be good. Peace.

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