How to Make a Monkey Sock Puppet : Accessories for Sock Puppets

And here we go Fitzcarraldo the sock monkey
is complete. He’s naked and if you want to make an outfit for him you are going to have
to take care of that next. I am not going to do it on this series here for Expert Village
but you know you can use felts to make all kinds of outfits. I mean if this really were
Fitzcarraldo from the Werner Herzog film he would have a nice little white suit, kind
of a black narrow tie. There is that fedora. It might be hard to make a fedora for a sock
monkey. But still, but you can do whatever you want. You can make vests, skirts, hats.
Hats are optional. But you could put buttons on him; I have got all kinds of buttons here.
You could I mean shoot I guess you could even if you wanted to I guess you could may be
use buttons for nostrils. I don’t think I would like that too much. But you could do
it if you liked. Green button nostrils. A lot of sock monkey artists will use embroidery
thread. I have a bunch of colors here to do things like eyelashes. You know stitch some
little nostrils. You could even define the lips a little better. You know make kind of
sort of sweetheart like plump lips and maybe do a little line across them and kind of a
smiley face. So you are really just kind of limited by your imagination. When my mom made
sock monkeys for me when I was little she put hair on them. But she did it individual
strands of embroidery thread just knotted and then before she sewed it together like
this she did it from the inside. So there were all these little strands of yellow embroidery
thread coming out like this one by one knotted on the inside. So you can really do it any
way you want. So there you go. Fitzcarraoldo the sock monkey.

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