How to Make a Mini Origami Boomerang- Rob’s World

How to Make a Mini Origami Boomerang- Rob’s World

Rob’s World! Hey what’s up guys?! It’s Rob
and welcome to my tutorial for the Mini Origami Boomerang, which is based off my
original popular Origami Boomerang Tutorial. For my last few video polls, the
Origami Mini Boomerang was at the top of the list with thousands of votes and
also some comments saying they’d like me to make a new version of the original
one since they were having trouble in certain parts and also getting it to
work. So, I think the Mini Origami Boomerang would be a “great spin” on the
original one and also I’d go through it in a lot of detail, especially to some of
the parts that I think people were having difficulty with. Like I mentioned
in my original origami video, if you fold the Mini one correctly and practice how
to throw it, it’ll fly great as you’ll see here! I even made a mini one from my
11 year old nephew and after some practice he was able to catch it too so
check it out! 🙂 Just like with the regular size one, you
can even overlap two of them together and try to catch them at the same time!
This requires a lot of practice but if you get it you’ll definitely be able to
impress your friends with this cool trick shot! With one piece of
eight-and-a-half by eleven letter size printer paper you’ll be able to make
four Mini Boomerangs, but you can also follow along and make the regular
one if you want too. So grab your paper and let’s make it! Do you want to make it
Leela? To make the Mini Origami Boomerang I’m gonna split the paper into four
equal sheets by taking the top edge of the paper folding it down to the bottom
and then creasing along that edge then I run my fingernail against it or if you
want you to use scissors but I’m going to open it up and split the paper in
half just like that then I’m gonna once again take the top edge and fold it down
to the bottom and then make a crease along that edge and once again crease it
with my fingernail open it up and then tear it in half and then I’m ready to
make the mini boomerang if you’d like to make the regular size one you could hold
a piece of paper like this fold it in half lengthwise and then you can make a
nice crease along the top and give it a good crease with your fingernail open it
up tear it in half then you can follow along using the same direction I’m going
to show you for the many one starting out we’re going to take the top edge and
fold it down to the bottom edge and try to line up the edges as neatly as
possible because neatness and also sharp creases is very important for this model.
Once you line up the edges then you can crease all the way across and then once
again I like to just run my fingernail against it so that it’s a nice sharp
crease, then when you open up the paper you’ll see we’ve divided the paper in
half. We’re going to take the top and bottom edges and fold it directly next
to the line leaving a little bit of space and I’ll tell you why in a second.
So, just take the top edge fold it down directly next to the line leaving about
a millimeter of space so just about that much space right there
and the way I do that is I just fold it down and press and then just work my
hand across making sure that it’s about even all the way across. Then I just
crease it like that, and do the same the other direction. Once again, I just
make the crease nice and sharp so it looks something like this. Then flip it over and do the exact same thing, folding the edge down
and leaving a teeny bit of space between the edge and the middle line. Then once
again make another sharp crease and the reason that we left a little bit of
space is because we’re going to eventually fold these two edges together
and if they’re too close you’ll see that they’ll get crumpled up and not fold in
half. Once your paper looks like this, then we could take the left side and
we’re going to fold it across to the right side like this. Line up these two
edges now, and then just hold them here and we’re just going to basically just
tug in here a little bit to round it off and then we could just squeeze on this
edge here and crease it down. Just once go over it with your fingernail. Now that
we have something like this, holding the open edges on the bottom like this, we’re
going to fold these two corners in like an airplane directly on this middle
vertical line. Just take it and you could just round it off a little like that and
fold it down so that this edge on top is directly on that line just like this and
when you do that you’ll see that the bottom might become a little misaligned
so just try to make sure that they stay aligned when you do that and then you
can make sure that that crease on top is nice and firm so just press down on it
like that and then do the same with the other top corner just round it off a
little fold it down and then just press on it and then once again just go over
at one time with your fingernail so we have something like that. Then we can
unfold these two top corners and you’ll see that we made those two creases right
there we’re just going to take these corners and fold them backwards on that
same crease. We’re just going to take it and press back like this on that same
crease we just made and if you want you’ll see that it will line up with the
back vertical line too so just press on it like that and crease it one time with
your fingernail and then do the same with this one just fold it backwards on
that diagonal crease we made and then just crease it then you could open up
the two corners, once again making sure the open edges are on the bottom, we’re
just going to hold it on the left side of this vertical line like this and
we’re going to take these two edges on the right and we’re just going to pull
them apart like this at the and what you’re going to do is you’re
just going to press down on this corner into the middle of the paper when you do
that you’ll see a little triangle form and we’re just going to press on this
vertical line in the middle of the triangle and then we could just take
these two corners and bring them together and then just press on it right
here. Do the same with the left side just hold on the right side of the paper now
open up these two edges once again when you see that triangle just take your
finger and press in the middle and then take these two edges and bring them
together like that and then once again we’re just going to crease on that new
fold that we just made. So now you’re ready to move on to the next part. At
this point we’re now going to open everything by taking this edge and just
lifting it up and just gently pulling on everything and what we’re going to do
now is take these two top corners and we’re going to airplane fold them in
just like we did before with these. So, we’re just going to take it so that this
edge is matched up with this one that we folded in previously by folding it like
this rounding it off and lining it up and then making a crease like that do
the same with the other edge the corner goes all the way in like that and it
should be pretty symmetrical with the right corner. Then, we can once again just
make a nice crease on both of them and then we can unfold them now we’re
going to take the left side of the boomerang and we’re going to fold it in
half and then once we fold it in half we’re going to take the bottom corner
here (the bottom left corner) and fold it up like this so that this bottom
edges all the way on the right so just fold it up like that and once it’s all
the way on the right then you can just give it a pinch and then crease it
nicely here as well. Then you can unfold it and then we’re going to open
everything up again so just take the edge that we folded on top, and then
just open everything up and flatten it out. As you’ll see, the two creases
that we made on top are pointed upwards like that and the two creases on the
bottom are also pointed upwards towards the middle like that also. Now we’re
going to take the right side and we’re going to unfold it and this is the part
where some people I think had a little bit of trouble so I’m going to just draw
on this diamond to make the folds I’m going to do a little bit easier to see
so I’ve drawn on the here and as you’ll see the dotted lines
represent Valley folds who are going to fold upwards like this and the solid
lines represent mountain folds where it’s going to be folded downwards. We’re
just going to take the top edge here and I’m going to just push it down and hold
it here with my left thumb. What that does is it lifts up the diamond so that
this edge is now sticking straight up like that and what I’m going to do I’m
gonna put my right thumb right on this triangle which is the top of the diamond
on the backside I’m gonna put it right here and what I’m going to do is I’m
going to push on the triangle so that this line winds up right on this edge so
I’m just gonna take it and I’m gonna push it so that line goes right to the
edge like that you say and what that does is it actually makes a mountain
fold right where I drew that line once again all I’m doing is just closing the
top pushing on this triangle on the back and pressing it up against the paper
like that. Then I’m going to just push right here and make a crease. Then
all I’m going to do is to just hold it like this and you’ll see we have another
triangle which is at the bottom of the diamond. I’m just gonna take my left
thumb and I’m gonna put it right in here and I’m just gonna press this triangle
also where my thumb is against the paper that way. So just take it, and then just
press it like this and then all I’m going to do is to flatten everything out
there you go now we’re ready to move on to the next part. What I’m going to do
now is just fold down this edge of the paper here so I’m going to fold it down
like this and press it then I’m going to take the top edge right here and I’m
also going to fold it down now when I do that what you want to happen is this
little triangle right here you want it to lift up so I’m gonna actually put my
finger in here and just lift this up and kind of just press on this horizontal
fold right here like that this one was folded down now I’m going
to fold this one as you’ll see it’s kind of lifting up that little triangle right
there so I’m gonna fold this one down now also and what it did was it took
this triangle and it actually kind of folded it down to the left right there
as you’ll see all right so I’m just gonna take my finger to press on that
corner and once again I’m just gonna flatten everything out. Now what I’m
going to do is as you’ll see we have a little bit of a pocket right in that
corner. We’re going to take this corner that we previously pushed
against the paper, and I’m going to round it off a little bit
and it’s gonna go right into that pocket so this whole edge is going to get
folded on top except for this corner which is going to go in here alright so
we’re going to basically start from the corner round it off like this
and tuck it into that little pocket right there once it’s in that pocket I’m
just gonna push and work my finger in there and what I do is I kind of just
slide the paper like this at the corner see I’m just kind of sliding it in and
that allows me to flatten everything out here so once it’s worked in there and
all you need to do is to flatten it out and again I’m sliding the paper like
this between my fingers so that the edges go close you might not see them go
edge to edge but that’s okay once you have it like that and you’re able to
flatten everything out and the corners in there then all you need to do is once
again just put it on the table and press down. Now all we need to do is to
interlock the corners. So, we’re going to start with the one on the upper right
here so just hold it like this lift it up and open these two edges now as
you’ll see these are the two corners that we previously airplane folded in
we’re going to open up the right edge here okay and as you’ll see there’s two
layers of paper now once again we’re also going to reverse fold this corner
here just like we did with the corners once we airplane folded them so just
opening up these two and I’m going to press on this corner here like this so
that you see a triangle and then press it right into the middle like that and
you’ll get this little tab or flap right here just like that alright so just
opening it and pressing in there like and then I’m gonna take this flap and
flatten it against the paper. Now, when you do that just be careful that this
corner doesn’t pop out so I’m gonna flatten this edge back down like this
and then you’ll see we have a little pocket here. I’m gonna open this pocket
and tuck this corner in so I’m gonna round off this corner like this
and tuck it right into that pocket like that and work your finger and press it
in there and once it’s all the way in then all you need to do is to flatten it
out all right and then you can make a nice sharp crease with your finger now
so that’s one corner and that was the upper right one okay we’re gonna work on
this one and it opens up the other way so I’m just gonna go like this and open
up these two edges now you’ll see we only have one layer of paper here we’re
on the other side it was two and two so there’s one on the left and three on the
right but you’re gonna pretend that these two pieces here are stuck together
this is just one sheet pretend that it’s just one so you’re gonna open it up like
this and once again we’re gonna tuck this corner into the middle like this
then we’re gonna press right here on this crease push this in press on this
crease and pinch it and you get another flap that you can just kind of flatten
against the paper. Then once again, just close the edge like this then you can
open up this pocket round off the corner tuck it in work it all the way in there
and make a nice sharp crease and there you go you’ve finished the boomerang now
this is actually the back of the boomerang or the bottom of the boomerang
so we’re gonna flip it over like this and this is how it’s going to be thrown
like that alright. So congratulations! You finished all the folds for making the
boomerang let’s move on to how to throw it As I mentioned at the end of the
tutorial, you want to make sure that we have this little corner that we tucked
in on the bottom of the boomerang like this and this is the top and you’re
gonna hold it like this so that it looks like a backwards L with this top corner
slanted downwards like this while this bottom one slanted upwards to the left
like that then you gonna put your pointer on the
top angle like this and your thumb here with the rest of your fingers like that
and you’re just gonna flick it outwards angling it up a little bit maybe at like
a twenty-five thirty degree angle like that while flicking your wrist
and letting it roll off the tip of your finger it’s very important that you throw it
exactly like I showed like this if you try to throw it upside down position
like this then it’s basically just going to hit the ground so you can’t throw it
like this. Thank you guys so much for watching the video! If you enjoyed it
please leave a Thumbs Up or a Like down below, and be sure to subscribe by
clicking that subscribe button and the notification bill I definitely recommend
that you guys make more than one of the many boomerangs you’ll find that some
will fly better than others also you need to practice for a little bit by
flicking your wrist and throwing you out like that keeping the boomerang and I
spin if you do want to film yourself throwing and catching it doing some
trick shots leave me a comment below or a link to your video and I’ll check it
out in my feature in my next video I did go on a trip out of the country back in
July and I had about five thousand dollars worth of stuff stolen my cameras
and my laptop but I did get a new camera and I did get a new laptop here so
thankfully that’s taken care of I’m able to make some videos now so looking
forward to it I was thinking of making a mini super boomerang video where I show
how to take two of them together and throw it like I did on my other channel
the only thing is I found that it doesn’t work as well with the mini
boomerang but it does work so I was thinking of doing that or I was also
doing a left-handed boomerang tutorials so let me know if you want to see that
in the comments below and I’ll see you next time thanks so much for watching!

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