How to make a Ketch Paper Plane! Happy Building!

How to make a Ketch Paper Plane! Happy Building!

Hey guys, another glorious day. So what are we making today? Today we are making a “Ketch” paperplane So what is this “ketch” paperplane? Lets find out! For this we need origami papers The space or tunnel like structure inbetween acts as a wind tunnel or air intake unit This space makes the fuselage or body act as a wing itself giving the plane extra lift other than the lift produced due to the wings further, the wings are bent on the sides that help to maintain direction and direct the airflow properly Hey did you know that the duration of the longest paper plane flight was for… Twenty seven point six seconds!! wow! thats a really long flight! If you are having fun with a paper airplane do remember that the humidity outside your house or the area where you are having fun makes a massive difference to the performance of that paper plane so remember, always to check the weather conditions! Did you know that paper aircraft that are trimmed to fly on earth, will, when thrown inside a spacecraft, fly upwards and not down as would normally be expected? This is because there is no gravity in the spacecraft! But there is a lift created in the wings as they fly in the atmosphere inside the spacecraft Hey guys hope you enjoyed watching that video If you did, pelase do subscribe, comment and like because it means a lot! Till next time, Happy building! 🙂

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  1. hey i remember u r that FAQ wala guy. I used to love ur show
    please also make a video on plane which u flew in the show using a book and running after it. thnx and another SUB for you

  2. +Prateek, Awesome Paper Airplane.But can you help or Re-make the video because I followed all the steps but the body comes out 1 side bigger than the other? Please Help

    ALL THE WAY NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. No, a paper plane in a spacecraft doesn't fly upwards necessarily. In a weightless environment, there is no up and down, and gravity is a necessary element in gliding.

  5. I love your show FAQ as well as this please telecast this show on Television as FAQ 2 and please crash ko bhi wapis lao

  6. Your videos are good but one thing will make it perfect if you demonstrate the end result more precisely…..thank you very much

  7. Hey!!! ur dat guy i used to watch on Pogo. The man with d blue robot. I think d shows name was FAQ?. Man!! Nice to meet u homie. Im here from Robsquad 😎🤘😎……

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