How to Make a Kazoo | Science Projects

How to Make a Kazoo | Science Projects

Hey, guys. One of my favorite experiments is creating
instruments. So many
times, you don’t even stop to think about how important sound is; where
does sound come from? In order for sound to be made and heard, we
need 3 things: You need, 1; a vibration. A vibration is something that moves back-
and-forth. The source of vibration we have is here right
in our throat. Then you need Source 2; you need something
that the sound travels through. We live above the water, so the sound travels
through the air. 3, is you
need an ear, something that actually receives the compressed air. Technically, if a tree falls in the forest,
does anybody ever hear it? The
answer, actually, is no because you have to have an ear to hear it. I can prove this to you right now. All I need for this experiment is just a
cool sheet of paper. It’s actually a little thicker than regular
computer paper; this is called cardstock. What I like to do is just take it and just
fold it in half. I’m going to turn this ordinary sheet of paper
into something extremely magical. It’s going to make some really amazing sounds. It’s going to prove that when you have a vibration,
sound is made. I’m going to take this paper and I’m going
to cut it half. Just like that. I’m going to take it and I’m going to roll
it around so that I make a really cool cylinder shape. Just like that; like a telescope or a
microphone. Then all I need is just a couple pieces of
tape. It actually
doesn’t matter what kind of tape you use; it can be regular scotch tape, it
can be regular masking tape. I tape one end here, and I tape the other
end here. Then I need my magical paper, which pretty
much every family has at home. It’s called wax paper, which people use for
cooking. I’m just going
to take it. It’s about the same size to make it easy. I’m going to cut it
in half. Then a rubber band; that’s all I need, and
I’m going to make an amazing instrument. You’re going to love the sound you’re about
to hear. I take this piece of wax paper. I going to take it and hold it above the
cylinder. I’m going to wrap it around. I’m going to take my rubber band. I’m going to wrap it around 3 or 4 times so
the wax paper is extremely tight; 1-2-3-4. My instrument is done. I made a kazoo. The cool part of this kazoo is no sound is
made. No sound is made right now
because you don’t have a vibration, you don’t have any air hitting it, and
it’s not hitting your ear. If you talk into it, check this out. Hello
everybody. I sound like a robot. It sounds awesome, right? 1, when I’m
talking, the vibration from my voice is being amplified by the wax paper
and we have an extra vibration. It’s traveling through the air with
compressed air, hits your ear, and that’s why you’re able to hear. Awesome. My kazoo.

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  1. What's up with all the 14 year old ghetto people. If it says science project, why the hell do you click on it. It's a fun little thing for kids to do, it doesn't have an exact meaning. It's called 'Fun', I don't know if you've ever heard of it, and this IS science. The scientific meaning is sound waves and how they project and amplify with different materials. Read between the lines people. Science isn't just NASA and space, etc. It's about learning about existence and such.

  2. Cool But, do i need wax paper or can i use a differen material like a plastic bag, and do i need that special thick paper?

  3. If people are going to dislike because its to simple screw off this suppose to be for kids who want to learn science if u take it like its chemistry 101 ur retarded its YouTube its short and simple

  4. You pretty much got sound explained in this… I dont know why you're pissed off 😛 It's just fun science… Don't worry there are biotecnology, theoretical physics, and quantum mechanics for you to struggle with if this is too easy

  5. This is for children guys don't be mean read the description really. The reason u guys (Well, some of you guys not all) say this sucks and isn't related to science is because YOUR not educated well enough to understand this, that's like the whole entire reason they invented/made school is to teach you things really most of u don't understand this at least some of you people do! Go To School!!!!! Guys really

  6. Why is everyone giving this guy a hard time, he just wants to teach kids about science and howcast let him do that. May not be the most popular channel but hes trying.

  7. Wow, this guys "harmonica" was really a kazoo, and his "kazoo" is really a piece of garbage. Also a kazoo isn't a musical instrument, it's a voice modulator, and they work much better when you hum instead of talking.

  8. Did anyone else come here because they didn't have a kazoo at home, and they really wanted to play Megalovania on a kazoo?
    Yeah, I thought so.

  9. I have a even better one, take a straw cut the bendy part off and then flatten an edge, about an inch, only one edge. Then cut a little V shape and blow it is so great, or just watch this

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