How to Make a Handmade Paper Picture Frame

How to Make a Handmade Paper Picture Frame

How to Make a Handmade Paper Picture Frame. Handmade paper frames make attractive borders
for pictures. Create a custom handmade paper frame using
the following steps. You will need A sheet of cardstock A cardboard
or thick plastic sheet A craft knife A mold and deckle A vat of paper pulp A flat surface
A damp cloth Tape Two flat picture frames (optional) and screen (optional). Step 1. Select a piece of heavy cardstock that is
larger than the picture you wish to frame. Trace the shape of the cardstock onto a cardboard
or plastic sheet that is the same size as your mold and deckle, allowing for an extra
inch on each side. Cut out the shape using your craft knife. Step 2. Place the cardboard stencil between your mold
and deckle. Dip the mold and deckle into the vat of paper
pulp at a 45-degree angle and draw them toward you. If you cannot find a mold and deckle at a
crafts store, construct your own from two flat picture frames with a screen attached
to one of them. Step 3. Raise the mold, deckle, and stencil to the
surface in one continuous motion. Then remove them from the pulp. Allow the water to drain, shaking the mold
and deckle from side to side. Step 4. Remove the deckle and transfer the layer of
pulp inside the stencil to a flat surface covered by a damp cloth by placing the mold
upside down on the surface, tapping the screen several times, and then raising the mold up. Let the paper dry. Step 5. Cut a window for the picture out of the paper
frame with your craft knife, and then tape the picture to the back of the frame. Finally, tape the cardboard stock backing
over the back of the frame. Did you know The picture frame was a late
development in Western art, gaining popularity during the Renaissance in Europe.

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