How to make a Gift Box Re-using Old Christmas cards Part 1 of 2

How to make a Gift Box Re-using Old Christmas cards Part 1 of 2

hi and welcome to Darvanalee Designs Studio my name’s Nicole and today I have part one of a two-part series for you on
how to tune our leftover Christmas cards into these gorgeous little gift boxes so
let’s get started okay so the Christmas season is finished we’re left over with
all these cards some are written in some art and basically what do you do with
them well I know that here in my town occasionally you can come across a
recyclable box where you can put your Christmas cards into this year I didn’t
actually see one so I thought what can I do with them so they’re just not
collecting dust around my home so I decided that I was going to turn them
into these cute little gift boxes so as you can see I’ve actually already made a
couple and they they are super easy to make and we’re going to get started on
that so first we have to get our supplies together okay we’re going to
need a few things today to make our little boxes so basically it’s some of
the basic tools you’re going to need a couple rulers so you want one like
around about six and a half inch square is a good size
okay so I’ve just scrapped one of my quilting rulers so you’ll need one of
those you’ll also need your favorite school ruler so it’s usually around
thirty centimeters or twelve inches so that one there I just got from an office
work what office works and this one here is just out one of mine it’s smaller
quilting rulers so either one of those is fine you’re going to need a pencil an
eraser you’re going to need a rotary cutter or a pair of scissors I used a
little 18 millimeter paper cutter for my paper craft or a pair of paper scissors
you will need some sort of either double-sided tape which I don’t have any
at the moment but I just used my glue sticks I use these for English paper
piecing and I use them for my paper crafts as well some sort of creasing
tool so this is my I use this for my paper it’s um just a little pointy one
but it’s great it’s got smooth edges so it’s really good
to your paper for creasing your papers okay some wonder clips just to hold the
corners and of course you’re going to need a variety of Christmas cards okay
so let’s get started all right so I’m going to be working with this peacock
card today this one I have used up all the what all the cards that I’ve got
playing around with the kids and whatnot and showing a few people how to do these
so I’m actually just good this one’s blank but if you’ve got a Christmas card
that has writing in it you can actually cover up everything with some colored
paper so you just grab some Mod Podge put down your color paper and let it dry
and then it’s ready to go so basically what we’re going to do now is we’re
actually going to get our paper scissors and we’re going to cut along this crease
of the card okay so now you’ve got your two halves of the card okay so but
basically what you can do now you can either disregard this piece altogether
and use some card stock if it’s got a lot of writing on the back but I’m
actually going to use this today so you take your front piece of your card and
okay which is our peacock piece you turn it over grab one of your rulers and your
pencil and what you’re going to do is just roughly find the center of your
card and just eyeball it it’s about there and you’re going to just make a
little mark and then you’re going to do the same from the other corner to corner
and this is going to be our spot where we’re going to line up our card sorry I
don’t need all that I made there so I’ll just rub that out a little bit of it out okay all right so now what we’re going to do
is from our short end we’re going to bring it up to the intersection of the
cross and you’re going to crease now if your cards got lots of glitter on it you
may not want to use your creasing tool because it may take the glitter off so
just press that firmly with your fingers or with the depressing tool up to you okay so you can see that it’s made a
crease and then spin it around to the other short ends and bring it up to the
center Junction of the cross and again crease it okay and now we’re going to do
the same with our long edge so we’re going to bring that up and turn and you can see just using your
fingers you don’t necessarily need to use a pressing tool just makes it a bit
easier and so you can see there there’s a lot of creases on that so basically
what we’re going to do now is we’re going to rub out our cross because we
don’t need that anymore and then we’re going to take our little card get our
paper scissors and you can see where that we’re just going to cut along here okay and the same on the other side so
just to that first crease so it ends up with it a piece like this okay
and spin and do the same thing at the opposite end okay so you can see here I
haven’t gone all the way to the crease so that’s gonna start to tear so we just
won’t smoke that into the crease alrighty
okay so now what we do is we bring our sides in so can you see that there we
just get one of our little flaps and put that in grab our glue stick because it
just makes it easier put a dollop of glue and then bring our other one in and the
same thing again a little bit of glue and you can see our box is starting to
take shape repeat that down the other end just press that together all right
so at this point we’ve already created our box so you can see we’ve got these
bits here that are longer than the side so this is the edge of our box here and
they’re all lined up nice and even and then we’ve got this little excess piece
here what we’re going to do is fold that into the inside of the box and just
press that and you can see that it goes in and it gives you a nice little edge
of the box just there okay so at this point I generally just flip it back out
again okay and I put a little strip of glue on there you don’t need a lot and
then we just fold that over pinch it in place grab a couple of wonder clips and just get that hold in place while we
work on the other end okay so again we do the same thing make sure everything’s
lining up which it is some color one folded over so it’s flush
with the edge of the box we have a couple of wonder Clips you pinch that on
and that’s that that’s our box the top of the box done so you can see there you
can see the peacock all the way around okay it’s very cute isn’t it all righty
so just set that aside and now we’re going to work on to it on our next piece
okay so now we’re onto the next step so this is the bottom of our card so
there’s a few things that we have to do with the bottom of our card that’s a
little bit different from the top so basically what you’re going to do is
you’re going to get your quilting ruler and this is where this comes in handy
and we’re going to cut approximately a quarter of an inch off one long side and
one short side okay so grab your quilting ruler and this is where a
rotary cutter comes in handy if you don’t have a rotary cutter that’s okay
you can just use your lead pencil to make a mark and so I’ve just used my my
quarter inch mark on my ruler lined it up against the edge of the box on one
long side and one short side so if you don’t have a rotary cutter you can just
use your scissors for that but I have a little 18 millimeter rotary cutter that
I use for my paper crafts and it doesn’t get confused with any of my quilting
stuff so I just grab my ruler again and put that up there against it and it’s
just approximate and we just just got that piece and we
repeat down the bottom up okay so it’s quarter-inch
off one long side and one short side okay and then we just do exactly what we
did with our top we grab our ruler we find our approximate middle we take our
short side we bring that up to the center mark of the cross we spin we do
that again and then ask long sides in okay so again we’ve got all our marks
we’ll grab our paper scissors and on our short side we cut in on the creases
there that’s it up this press here make sure that it’s cut properly it’s gonna
fold in for you spin and do the same thing again making sure it goes in
excellent okay and then we care about glue stick put a dab of glue on there and on the opposite side and then I’m
here and again grab a couple of wonder clips hold that in place
okay and repeat at the other end before you do that last one just rub out the
cross you can do it before you even put it all together that’s fine too so our
last piece to go together you just make sure that everything’s sitting nice and
flush in there so you can see that’s lined up with the bottom and they’re
lined up here there’s no rough edges it’s nice and smooth and then they just
put the glue on the last bit there and we felt that over we have a couple of
wonder Clips you shouldn’t have to have the wonder clips on there for too long
because it is a quick drying glue pen so it should be right to hold that alright
so that’s a bottom of our box so once that’s dried which doesn’t take long at
all so you can see there I’ve just done that one and it’s already not coming up
and the other one is definitely fine so you can take your wonder clips off and
then you have completed your box and then this goes inside here and you have a beautiful little gift box and it’s that easy
all righty now um these are really good for I like to
use these particular ones to put sewing notions in so you might have a sewing
friend that you want to store some wonder clips in so you can store someone
clips in in there you can put a little packet of needles and some thread and
turn it into a little sewing box think if there’s a multitude of things that
you can use them for but um I generally just make your Holly Fossen boxes and
then you just got them sitting there and ready to go for anything that you want
to put in there so if you’re putting something delicate in you could fill it
with cotton wool and you could set a ring or a necklace or something like
that but it’s a unique pretty little box and I love this one of the peacock one
it’s gorgeous okay so that’s our tutorial for today I
know how to make these little gift boxes out of leftover Christmas cards from
Christmas I hope you really enjoyed it if you did give me a thumbs up down
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I look forward to seeing you again next week for part 2 of our gift box series
and next week we’re making a ring box so join us here and we’ll see you then bye
for now

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  1. These would also be great for storage of small items. I love these. Thank you for the tutorial. I’m looking forward to your Channel.

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