How to make a Flower Ball of Paper? Origami Kusudama for Children

How to make a Flower Ball of Paper? Origami Kusudama for Children

How to make flower ball of paper? This is a traditional origami. This flower is called the Balloon Kusudama. Kusudama can be made of paper of any color and size. I use the square of 15×15 cm. Make 2 folds “side by side”. Good iron the wrinkles! Make two folds “corner to corner”, so as to form two diagonally. Fold each side of the midline. Check the folds! Turn the paper over. Fold each corner to the center and back. If you like this video, subscribe and place Like! Turn the paper over. Fold in the planned folds, as shown in the video. If you do not get a form – watch the video first! We work with small squares. Fold the sides of the square to the center line. Repeat the same fold with the rest of the squares. If you like the video, subscribe to the channel, place the Like! Remember, you are on the channel “Origami Cat”. We have every week new origami videos. There are many varieties Kusudama. This flower is the easiest ball. This is a traditional origami. Fold the corners at the back of the module. Uncover and rasplyushte. Make the same fold with the rest of the module. Kusudama – Modular origami. To get the flower ball, we need to do 6 such modules. This work requires patience and accuracy. Lay out the folds smoothly. Smooth out all the wrinkles on the module. We had a flower – a module for Kusudama. You can decorate the center of the flower circle. And you can leave it. This is optional. For Kusudama need 6 units (colors). Use any paper glue for bonding modules. Connect the corners together and expose the necessary time to glue dries. You can help channel, if you share these videos to social networks. Thank you. Ready Kusudama can hang the string to the ceiling. Bottom Kusudama brush can be hung from a thread. It decorates it. In ancient times, the Japanese and the Chinese filled a Kusudama herbs. This is a big sachets) Such Kusudama, flower balls repel insects or refreshing the air in the house. This origami develops attentiveness, neatness and patience. Use the cloth to remove the glue. It remains to glue another flower) If you make such Kusudama of small squares, it can be hung like a ball on the Christmas tree. There are many different Kusuda. All of them can be found on YouTube. If you like music and background, place Like! Floral Balloon ready! Anyone who watched the video before the end thank you very much! Anyone who signed up – thank you! Waiting for you on the canal! Write everything is clear shown in the video? You have turned flower ball – Kusudama?

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