How to Make a Dress | Origami

How to Make a Dress | Origami

These are the instructions for an origami
dress. It’ll look just like that. Start with a sheet of paper, whatever color
you like, and we’re going to use the white side up first. We’re going to make a book fold here. So we’re going to take the bottom edge, bring
it up to the top and make sure that it’s nice and lined up, so that you don’t have any white
showing on the other side, so it’s nice and exact. Go ahead and give that a good crease. Open it up and then rotate it, and we’re going
to do the other one as well, so you’ll have two book folds make a nice plus sign right
there in the middle of the paper. Next step we’re going to take the two outside
edges and we’re going to fold them into the middle. It’s going to look like, this is called a
cabinet fold, so we fold both of those edges into the middle. It sort of looks like cabinet doors or cupboard
doors the way that they would open up like that. So go ahead and fold those and then unfold
them and flip the paper over. Now we’ve got two mountain folds. You can see how they sort of poke up like
that. That’s the way we determine it’s a mountain
fold, because it’s folded this direction. What we’re going to do is, we’re going to
take this mountain fold and we’re going to fold it into the middle line, and the best
way to do that is to just sort of slide it over. You can see how the paper sort of accordions
or pleats right there on the back. But we’re going to take this edge right here,
and we’re going to fold it into the exact middle of the paper that we’ve already folded
just like this. We’re going to do that on one side and then
also on the other side, so you have both sides there and they fold into the middle. If you look at the paper from the top, you
can see how it’s pleated , just like that. All right, now flip the paper back over and
we’re going to use this crease we already have here, this halfway mark. Go ahead and fold that down, right along that
line, and then we’re going to do another pleat, where we fold it down like this, but then
fold it back up just like this. And I’ll show you, it’s about that far, so
it’s accordion there as well, because the paper’s been pleated back down. Then flip it back over to the front, and the
front is going to be the top of the dress, and this is going to be the bottom of the
dress. In order to get the bottom of the dress, what
we’re going to do is we’re going to pull this corner right there, we’re going to pull it
and rotate it out to the side. We’re going to rotate it out to the side,
there’s a little bit of paper that’s leftover right there. Just use up all that paper and pull it out
to the edge. If you go too far, you might rip it, so try
and get it spot on just like that, and it’ll make a little panel that pops up right here. So we’ve folded this flap over to that edge
just like that. We’re going to do the same thing on the other
side. Go ahead and pull this over, so that it makes
another squash fold, just over to the edge just like that, and that makes the front of
the dress like that. So we’ve got that finished. Flip the paper over and we’ve got these two
little panels right here. We’re going to take these and we’re going
to fold them down in a little diagonal fold, just a little triangle comes down, just in
the front on the left-hand side and also on the right-hand side. Now we’ve folded those down, just so we can
get the creases on them, so fold them back up. What’s going to happen next is called a petal
fold, and the way this works is we’re going to take this top edge, the top edge of the
paper and we’re going to pick it up and fold it down. It’s going to make these little squashes on
the outside edge. The paper is going to get folded down where
it’s going to connect to these two lines. So if you can see right here where we folded
these down, the line that we’re going to make is going to go right across the bottom edge
of these two triangles. So when we open this up, fold it down right
along that bottom edge and these two panels are going to squash down just like so. This is the back of the model so we don’t
have to care too much about being super precise, but that’s the way it’ll look. And now we’re going to fold this triangle
ovee, a nice, little red triangle will show up on the left hand side and also on the right
hand side just like that. The next step, we’re going to do another cupboard
fold. We’re going to take these two outside edges
and fold them into the middle. But this time when we do it; I’ll show you
here on the left hand side; when we fold this panel over, this top of the dress is going
to want to come with it. So what we’re going to do is when this comes
over, we’re going to squash down and it can rotate to any angle you want. If you want a really nice high-waist dress
like this. I’ll show you how it sort of pops up and stays
up real high at the top almost like a ballerina dress or if you want something a little bit
sleek, you rotate it down and get it down to that point right there. Get it right down to the corner of the paper
just like that. I’m going to do that on that one side and
then also the same thing on the other side. So we fold this over and like I said, as we
fold that over the front of the dress is going to want to come with it, and we squash it
down right over to that. In the last step we’re going to take this
top triangle and we’re going to fold it out to make sleeves. Now fold it out to about an angle like that,
but again it’s kind of to taste. I go down to about as far as where the other
triangle pulled down. Get it all the way up to the top, just like
that, and then you can flip it over and that’s the origami dress.

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  1. Eu mui grata, por acessar YouTube e aprendo muito tudo o q quero fazer que eu não sei eu aprendo através do YouTube e maravilhoso mui obrigado! !!

  2. I can make 3D Dresses that are made of paper but not origami I thing my 3D paper non origami dresses are better I THINK!

  3. I made about 150 of these as place cards for a tea party,the ladies loved them and everyone wanted to know how I made them so I had a class the next week to show them. Thank you for an easy to follow instruction plan, some are ridiculously hard!

  4. Thank you for such clear and precise instructions. Usually my first one is a bit wonky, but following your instructions, my first origami heart was really really nice. Thx heaps.

  5. i made it prettier then all you guys ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and all you guys are super ugly never forget that

  6. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Really easy-to-follow instructions! I've just made my sister a birthday card with this 🙂

  7. also, if you make two of them, lay them back-to-back and then tape them together at some parts ( more specifically everywhere but the neck, sleeves and hem) you can make it so that a doll can actually wear it if it's the right size.

    And once you've done that you can, on the back of the dress, fold the collars inside the dress because, honestly, who wears dresses with collars on the back? Who? XD

  8. Very cool! Your instructions are very easy to follow. Thank you for sharing this video. I really liked how you explained the folds so it could help with other origami projects. Thanks again.

  9. Aprecio por demais, porque além de ser o melhor (the best) origami teacher on YouTube, ele vai ligeirinho. Gosto disso. I'll try translate (free translation) what I mean: "Love so much, because he is the best origami teacher on YouTube. Besides, he explains little fast. And I like this one."

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