How to Make a CROWN with Polymer Clay

Hi there. Today, I’m going to be making a Christmas
crown for my latest tutorial. So, I’ve just got a little sheet here of gold
clay. And with my scalpel, I’ll make a series of
zig-zags. If you can, I’d try and make these as neat
as possible, but, you know, mine aren’t perfect here, so just do your best really. And once it’s done, I’ll just curl it around
like this, and just pat the clay together at the back. So, to make some jewels, I’ve just got some
little cubes of red clay here. And to make the base of the crown, I’ve just
got some cream clay and with my small ball tool, I’m just going to make some little indentations
for a bit of texture. And we just need to curve that round and pat
into place. I’m just going to add some little ’emeralds’
too. So there we go, it’s all ready to bake, so
you’ll need to refer to your own brand of polymer clay’s baking instructions. And it’s all done. You can gloss it if you like. Even little Frankie here’s getting into the
festive spirit! Thanks for watching. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye bye.

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