How to Make a Christmas Stocking with Polymer Clay

How to Make a Christmas Stocking with Polymer Clay

Hello again, and welcome to today’s tutorial. So, to get things started, I’ve got some green
clay here and I’m going to freehand a sock shape with my scalpel. I think it’s probably the easiest way to do
it because I can’t think of any tools that would give you this kind of shape, really. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a cookie
cutter, of course! So, I’m just kind of neatening off as I go,
here. Now I’m going to start on a pattern and I’ve
got some red clay, and I’m going to make some nice zig zag strips. This is very similar to my Christmas jumper
tutorial that you might like to check out too, the link’s just above here. So, I’m just going to continue adding strips. I think this is going to be the last of my
‘Quick Christmas Tutorials’, certainly for this year, but I hope you’ve enjoyed them. And
I’m going to make a nice woolly top for my sock, or stocking, and with my ball tool here,
I’m just creating a nice bit of texture, to make it look nice and woolly. And just add that and neaten. And
I’m going to make a white accompanying piece for my toes here. And to make it look a little neater, I’m just
going to, with a tiny ball tool, create some little dots to sort of evoke some stitching,
or suchlike. And it’s just a similar process for the heel. You don’t have to stick with strips, of course.
You can use dots if you like, But I’m going to use just strips today, in
a nice festive yellow. And just keep adding them. Obviously, you can add as many or as few as
you like, really. And if you wanted to, you could make this
into a Christmas tree hanging decoration. So you could use a small ball tool or a needle
tool to create a hole, and once it’s baked, just pop some string through. Thanks very much for watching and if you’ve
yet to see my other Christmas Quick Tutorials, check out the link here. Merry Christmas!

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