How to make a CHRISTMAS STAR | In HINDI with ENGLISH Subtitles | Christmas Special

How to make a CHRISTMAS STAR | In HINDI with ENGLISH Subtitles | Christmas Special

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going to do today? Today we are going
to make a 5 point star.. ..which is a favorite and
important piece of Christmas.. ..and we shall add a Rob twist to it. We will doodle on it. What? That’s right. So, get ready. It’s time for some DIY. Why? Because I love it. Alright, let’s get started. Now I am going to show you
how to make a 5 point star.. ..which people traditionally hang
outside their homes on Christmas.. ..and we shall make it using
a regular A4 sheet of paper. This is a regular photocopy paper.. ..and you can make one
part of the star with this. For 5 points or five parts
you will need 5 sheets. I want to make my
star a little thicker.. ..which is why I have cut a
chart paper into a square. The size is pretty much the same. It’s just missing the band down here. You can make a star out
of chart paper if you wish.. ..or you could even make a star
out of regular photocopy paper. If you want to make
the same sized star.. ..the size of this square is
8.5 inches by 8.5 inches. You can follow this size and
make a similar looking star. Let me show you how to make this star. First, we must fold the square
sheet in this manner. Matching the corners. We will get two triangular halves. What will we do now? We will fold one side
inwards in this manner.. ..just like when you make
a plane or a rocket. Simply like that. This will give us one part of the star.. I am going to align and fold
this with the line in the center.. ..and press it. As you can see, when I
folded it on this side.. ..I aligned it with
the line in the middle. Look at that. But when I fold this side I shall
overlap it a little bit. Like this. So that we can stick it to this side. So, let’s do that. You can see here that we
have overlapped this a little.. that we can apply glue
over here and stick it. This extra tip that we have here, I shall cut it and shape it neatly.. that the tip
of our star is pointed. Alright. Now you can see we have a
hollow triangular part of the star. Let’s neatly cut the tip as well. There you go. For the next step, we don’t
want this triangular portion.. we shall cut it and remove it. Alright, now one part
of our star is ready. Now I shall show you how
we must cut this at an angle.. it will enable us to connect
this part with the remaining parts. There are two sides to this part. One is the side we folded and stuck.. ..while the other is where
we made our first fold. We must measure this fold. I shall place the scale here and
mark it at four centimeters. There you go. Now we shall connect the center
with the corners in a straight line. Now we shall neatly cut and remove it. What we will do now is mark
a spot at one centimeter.. ..and make two small flaps here.. enable us to connect
this part with other parts. So, let’s do that. Alright. So, you can see I have
made two flaps over here.. ..and I have cut the ends at an
angle so it is easy to stick. What we do now is fold it so that
our flaps so our flaps are ready. Like this.. and like this. Now these two flaps are ready… but we don’t need
the flaps at the back.. we shall cut and remove them. And with that, finally one part
of our star is ready. As you can see, it is hollow. It will open like this.. ..when the star takes its final shape. We shall connect these flaps
with the remaining pieces. We need to make four more
pieces to make the whole star.. ..but first,
I am going to add one more step to this. Now I shall make some Christmas
related doodles on this with a marker. This will give it a festive and
handmade look to the star… ..and it won’t look like it has been
bought from the market. You could personalize it by drawing
your favorite items on it if you wish. But this step is completely optional. You could make a plain star if you wish. Alright. I am done with the doodles. I followed the same technique
to make 5 pieces. Let’s get them in. As you can see here
I have five pieces ready. I have doodled on both
sides of all the parts. Look at that. I have made Christmas
related doodles on them. Okay. All five pieces are ready. Now I shall show you
how to stick them. Firstly, I shall apply a little
glue on these flaps. Then I shall take another part where
the flaps are on the upper side.. ..and align the side without
the flaps to this. Like this. Then I shall fold these flaps
inwards and stick them. Alright. Two of our parts are stuck. Look at that. We have a seamless neat joint here. We must follow the same
technique to join all the parts. Now we shall apply glue on these flaps.. ..then we place a part in this
manner and stick the flaps inwards. Okay. Press it down. Okay. Our five parts are stuck together. Look at that. These flaps are extra.
We shall cut and remove these. Then we shall make two
holes here and here.. ..and attach strings to it.. that our star takes shape
when we pull the strings. Like this. Let’s remove this and attach a string. Okay. We have attached the strings. Basically, they will help us keep
the shape of the star intact. Like this. The moment I pull
and tie them together.. ..our star will take
on its shape like this. Then you can add any
light source to this. A small bulb or fairy lights. It will glow nicely and your
doodles will stand out on it. Look at this. Alright. Let’s place a bulb in
it and see how it looks. I really hope you liked this video
and found the technique easy. If you found it easy, please make
stars in various sizes.. ..and put them up in your
house on Christmas. If you do put them up, you must
click pictures and share them with me. These are my instagram handles. I will share them on my
page if you tag me. Let me know in the comments
section who will try it out. Christmas is coming soon.. ..and one more DIY project
is coming up next week. An amazing one! So, I shall see you very soon. Alright, then. Do good and be good. Peace!

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