How to Make a Christmas Jumper with Polymer Clay

How to Make a Christmas Jumper with Polymer Clay

Hi there, welcome to today’s tutorial where
I’ll be making a little polymer clay Christmas jumper. So, I just need to roll out some green clay
but you obviously can use whichever colour you like. And with my blade tool, I’m just going to
create a very loose jumper shape. It might take a few attempts to get it right
but, you know, it’s all good experience. And
I’m just going to cut out a next shape with one of my round cut-out tools and neaten things
off. So with my polymer clay tool here, I’m going
to create some little zig zag strips, but you can use straight ones, it’s entirely up
to you. And just add them to the jumper. I think this is going to be my last Christmas
tutorial, really as I’ve got a lot of work on so I’m kind of struggling to fit time in,
but we’ll see how it goes. But I’ve got some great work in progress videos
coming up later in the month, so watch out for those. So I’m going to make a snowman design on my
Christmas jumper, but you can choose whatever you want to, really. Maybe you could do Santa’s face, something
like that, a penguin, who knows? And because I’m making a snowman, I’m going
to put lots of little snowflakes on my jumper as well, to make it look even more Christmassy. And with my ball tool here, I’m just creating
some little bits of texture, to make it look really woolly. So I’m adding lots of snowflakes wherever
I can fit them in. And you can perhaps make this into a Christmas
tree decoration. I’m just putting in two little holes that
you could maybe attach some string through once your piece is baked. But this is just a practice run for me today. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you again
soon. Bye bye!

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