How To Make A Carrot Butterfly And Cucumber Fans Garnish

How To Make A Carrot Butterfly And Cucumber Fans Garnish

Welcome back to another sushi video recipe,
I’m Chef Devaux and today I’m going to show you guys how to make a carrot butterfly and
a cucumber fan. I hope you guys enjoy this video — let’s get straight into it.
How to Carve a Carrot Butterfly Alright so in the beginning you want to cut
your carrot into a block like this and then you want to cut the base of the carrot, so
just below the center — alright perfect. And now you want to cut the front end of the
butterfly. You want to make sure it’s not going through this here, the barrier between
the core and the outside, because this will actually dislocate if you cut it very thinly
and so the antenna would break off if you actually cut through it like this, so make
sure you have the blade just past it. Okay, so at a slight angle, and there see,
I have actually cut through this here and this is now useless, this part, because when
you cut an antenna through here it will actually break off, so it’s no use. No worries, I’ll
try to do it the other way around and then…there are always two chances at this — perfect.
Now moving on you cut the top off the carrot which would be the top of the butterfly. Alright
so this is how you want your carrot block to look like, you want a small base, a large
top and a large flat surface on one side and smaller flat surface on the other side angled.
This one needs to be a slightly lower angle and this one a slightly higher angle.
Alright so here I am going to make three cuts, one going in half a centimeter and two joining
to that first cut at 45° angles on either side and this will create the top of the butterfly
wing, and it’s going to be beautiful curves ending in a point there. So now after cutting
the 45° angle cuts I am now going to go back in with a small knife and smooth out by shaving
it off. You want to really watch out that you don’t cut into your finger, so you really
want to control the blade and take care where you point it. It’s very advisable to always
point the blade away from yourself and not towards any fingers.
Alright so now that I have curved this and this here what I am going to do is I am just
going to smooth this off here — okay. And then I want to make small little — this is
the back end of the butterfly, you want to make an incision about half a centimeter,
small triangle at the bottom to give it that distinct little end pieces of the butterfly.
So this is where the front is…and just curving that slightly.
Alright so now to cut the antenna. You want to place your knife just at the edge and then
softly, smoothly, cut into it
until you reach about a quarter centimeter off the bottom and then you pull out. Then
you flip it over
and you cut just the opposite side about a centimeter and then you pull out and right
there is your butterfly. Now to cut your butterfly, you want to take your knife and cut it in
this direction so it pushes the antenna towards the carrot. If you cut it the other way what
happen is you will pull away and you might not cut it and it might actually break off.
Now you place your knife extremely close to the edge, you want to make a paper-thin cut
and you slide it through until you reach about quarter of a centimeter off the bottom then
you stop and you pull back out. Now you make another thin cut to make the second wing and
this one goes all the way down. Alright once you’ve finished cutting you put
down your knife and you pick up your little butterfly package, then you just pull open
the wings and hold it from the bottom and press them down. You hold the bottom so it
doesn’t split in half when you do this and now you just simply push up your little antenna
slit and you bend it over so it folds in on the inside. Now just simply spread open your
antenna softly and bend it again and violà a little butterfly ready to go.
Now you can put this on top of a little sushi roll or just put it around the plate as decoration,
whatever you want, but it will look stunning and it will make your sushi look much better.
How to Cut a Cucumber Fan Alright so now for the cucumber fan, you just
need a chunk of cucumber, about 15cm long, cut it in half. Alright now you cut it in
half and now you simply want to start cutting very thin slices, 1mm thick, 70% through the
cucumber. Then once you’re done with that slice you take your knife at a 45° angle
and cut the ends off to get nice sharp ends. Now you fan out your cucumber on the board
just like so, don’t want them to stick together too much, and then you cut off the ends just
before the end. Okay, and now you make another cut to make it slightly leaning forward so
that it stands up perfectly. Now you just fan it out and that there is
a cucumber fan. It’s a beautiful thing to add to a sushi plate, it gives it a little
bit of height, another dimension to it, instead of having just flat food on the plate. This
really elevates it to another level, so hope you guys like this decoration, it’s pretty
simple and beautiful. Alright, so this is the end of the video,
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I hope you guys enjoyed this video…until next week, good-bye.

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  1. Hi, thanks for your vids, you're awesome!
    I have a question: do you think I can cut and prepare it long before serving sushi (for example in the morning if I have to serve sushi in the evening) or there is a risk that the vegetables will oxidize?

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    I tried it,and I have some questions.
    every time I push up the antenna,it will broken
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