100 thoughts on “How to Make a Camera Crane / Jib for $30

  1. I love this video and I'm definitely going to try and make this. Could you give me any suggestions as to what tripod I could use and also, what do I do if my quick release plate doesn't have a hole in it like yours does??? Thanks!!!

  2. Awesome! Thank you so much! And thanks for doing what most diy videos forget to do, PUTTING IN THE SUPPLIES-LIST IN THE DESCRIPTION!!!!!

    Also what camera is that? Is it a Canon Vixia HF G20? And what is that BEAUTIFUL lens? Is it an ultra-wide?

  3. …"Grind down the edge on the sidewalk"… I love ideas like this! This works extremely well, and will save you the expense of a bench grinder or Dremel grinder until you can afford one.

  4. Damn i came up with a very similar design……i was really excited to post but you beat me to it . Only by 4 years lol

  5. nice work wath kind of tripod are you using Iam also trying to build 
    one usually the cranes are square but circle will also do it

  6. saludos amigo soy de venezuela, te felicito muy bueno tu tutorial, no hablo ingles! me hubiese gustado que tus videos tengan subtitulos en español… gracias y eres muy talentoso! hice un dolly gracias a tus videos! te deseo mucho exitoo!

  7. I have an old SONY camcorder (DCR-TRV33E) and I would like to use it as a monitor for my Canon DSLR… Which cable do I need?

  8. I just built this, but it looks like parts prices have gone up – just spent $53. I'm trying to figure out how much counterweight to use – I have a Canon similar to yours – any suggestions on where to start?

  9. What was up with the subtitles. Good video but you might want too fix those they said things like court, anarchy, cocain and many other things

  10. Hey guys!  I would really like to build this, but I only have a Velbon CX 686 tripod with the fluid head.  I dont really know if that will work.  Any suggestions on whether or not it will work for this and if not, what would be a good option for the setup?

  11. I'm a aspiring filmmaker myself and i do want to say I enjoy all of your tips & tricks of being FRUGAL and making and building the tools.  I do want to say I've been hoping and wanting to see if you are ever planing to build a DIY steadicam and vest combo and as you are aware the good one range from $1,000 and up.  This would be the ultimate build if you do you implement your techniques as you do with all of your other builds.

  12. Hey Frug,
    Nice jib design and, as always, excellent, helpful video.
    To deal with the “over-sensitivity” issue that you mentioned, you might want to consider any a several ways to induce some adjustable drag/friction on either of your garage pulleys.
    One way would be to drill holes through you main beam/fence pole, and insert a nylon bolt through the holes, so that is could be adjusted to rub on the inside of your pulley.
    Probably the best way to do that would be to use a thread tap, to thread the holes in the beam so that they would engage the nylon bolt, making it adjustable.
    But you would have to buy the tap, if you don’t have one. So that may violate your standards on either cost or simplicity.
    But there are probably at least 5 other ways to induce drag on those pulleys to slow them down/stiffen them up/control them.
    Another may be just wrapping some foam on the fence pole, between the pole and the pulley, to create some soft friction.
    Anyway  – – –
    Thanks for an very nice design.  I am probably going to try it.
    Dan L.

  13. If the wheel down by the operator's hand is smaller than the wheel up by the camera, the turning motion will be less sensitive and smoother on the camera. Lots of cranking, nice slow motion. Law of mechanical advantage 🙂

  14. U had me until I heard fishing line…R u crazy I'm not trusting my hundreds of dollars of equipment at the end of some fishing line

  15. I sincerely thank you for this very informative video! It is exactly what I needed! I plan on getting the things needed tomorrow, and make one asap!! Thank you very much for sharing!!!

  16. Dear Brother,
    Om Shanti,
    As per your instructions I made the jib.But I am suffering from one problem my jib is tilting a little to left side due to which the ground level is not maintained what to do?

  17. Great idea. I love the ability to be able to tilt the camera as you crane up or down. This is going on the "to do list". Thanks for the video and the time.   -John

  18. Out of all the diy job videos I've seen this one is my favorite! My only concern being the I have the canon t5i along with rails follow focus and matte box… I'm just concerned that it will warp under the weight, did you come across any issues like this?

  19. please send me your email i need to send a picture of Garage Door Pulley if i can use it because i did not get the exact one you use

  20. Excellent creativity and VERY well-made video. Thanks for sharing your ingenuity… I LOVE the fishing line/turnbuckle idea. I'm sure (if you had an industrious side-buddy) if you wanted to, you could make a small fortune selling the 'kit' to make this! I bought a 'poor-man's' Stedicam years ago that way. I use it all the time and it's made from $15 of Lowes/Home Depot parts.

  21. I made one, under thirty dollars but not all off the shelf. To be honest, I cheated because I have access to parts and machines that most people don't. But I too just wanted to show people, if you want one you just have to use what resources you have and do it. Have fun making yours and more fun using it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gZPkHOqnCg

  22. Hey ! I liked your project but I don't have even 15 dollars also , so please you can gift me this job , so that I can teach my students cinemagraphy that would be very kin doc you will wait for your reply .

  23. Thanx for the vid! A request :-). It would be totally awesome if the parts used weren't like really low price, fx price for the build could be 50-100 dollars. What could you do with that, I wonder? Just an idea.
    Id love to see some of these home build accessories which also works for the eye. Anyway thanx for the great vids! 🙂

  24. Brillaint!!! USA warning No. 3 – He excels himself here! Only 2.17 mins befor we get to the info. IMPOSSIBLE!!! – 🙂

  25. this helps a lot. saw another DIY jib crane for around 100 bucks that didn't have some of these cool features. thanks

  26. sir i am so thank full to you because i wandered for Crane tripod …you really brought to us with very easy and handy and also a low cost …..now i can make whatever i wanted ………..Thank you thank you thank you so much sir …………..

  27. Having trouble finding a quick release plate like you listed. Is there a certain plate for each brand of tripod? If not can you send the link?

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