How to Make a Beautiful Glittery Snowflake Tag!

How to Make a Beautiful Glittery Snowflake Tag!

we’re singing carols at Ellen Hutson and
today it’s time for another tune! Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and we’re
doing the twelve tags of Christmas at Ellen Hutson and today we have a new
song and I’ve made a tag & I’ll let you try and guess what the
song is today…. now I’ve got some Yupo paper I haven’t used this stuff in a
while and I wanted to create sort of a blue purple background so I have the
Flamingo and the turquoise color now what distresses me about the
Flamingo is it kind of looks a little bit red’y but it does mix to a purple
I just haven’t added enough blue yet but I’ll get there in the end…. I’ll put
all the details at my blog because we’re all kind of having lots of fun with
these twelve tags of Christmas at Ellen Hutson this year they’ve changed it up
and the carols are really fun so each of the tags is created on the base of a
theme song of a Carol and I’ll just let you try and guess what
today’s is, I’ll reveal it a little bit later on. Like I said I made a real mess
but I fixed it and I got some bluey purple that I was going for in the end
so my tag today I’m gonna use the penny black now this is a really cool tag it’s
called snowflake tag it’s a two-piece die but they do come joined so I’m just
using my snips to separate them and you’ll notice that the big one actually
has a little tab in the top of it so that it can be hung as a tab tag you
don’t need to create your own tab but if you have another large snowflake die
this is something that you could try with that as well so I’ve cut a base and
I did that out of 110lb now I’ve cut the snowflake out of some 80-pound and also
some fun foam and I’m joining those together because of one actually die cut
another snowflake out of my Yupo and i just chose this section of the Yupo
paper that had the colors that i wanted to use and I really like these
sort of turquoise and purples for Christmas and I just was thinking about
snowflakes and a auro borealis? oh I’m sorry I’m gonna go and see that one day
it’s on my bucket list then I had better learn how to say aurora borealis thank you now
I did use my matte medium I thought it just would be wiser to attach the Yupo
to cardstock rather than directly to the foam but it probably would have
worked on the foam as well, let me know if you know the answer to that? I’ve
also cut the base a second time and this time I’ve added some double-sided
adhesive before I die cut it because this is not for the faint-hearted adding
glitter is not one of my favorite things to do and I’m sure there’s other people
like me out there I end up with glitter everywhere for days and days but I
seriously wanted a glittery background and I didn’t have any glittery card
stock that I would be happy to use that went with this tag so I created my own I
did want to burnish it in because I didn’t want the glitter to fall
everywhere so I’m using my Teflon bone folder here and just folded a piece of
scrap paper over top and just pushing really quite firmly with the Teflon
bone folder and that just pushes the glitter into the adhesive so it doesn’t
all fall off everywhere so I separated my snowflake from the foam and have used
some nuvo, this is the crystal glaze I really wanted a nice strong hold to
adhere my snowflake to the glittery finish but any of those sort of glossy
accents anything like that would work they just take longer to dry. I want a
two tone sentiment and I’ve got the cool Yule sentiment from the mountain
holiday set, it’s an essential by Ellen set and I just love my misti
for this technique, I can actually stamp and them re stamp a different color over
top and I just like the way that that gives you a two-tone look in your
sentiments I adhered and 110 pound backing cardstock now to my snowflake
glittery cardstock and that will just give me somewhere to write on and I’ve
popped my sentiment up, I did have to cut that down a little bit otherwise
it would have covered the whole tag and then I did a two-tone sentiment on the
back which I should have done before I adhered it but I forgot it’s from the
small sayings set I just held my breath…. and it worked, I was very lucky here, you
could be cleverer than me and do this before
so if you’re head to my blog, the link will be in the description below you’ll
be able to find out all the details about the 12 tags of Christmas and how
you can win and head to Ellen Hutson and find heaps more inspiration and the
name of the song is………. Let It Snow! you probably guessed it right til next
time happy papercrafting bye you

30 thoughts on “How to Make a Beautiful Glittery Snowflake Tag!

  1. Sandy Allnock shows us how to protect ourselves and our beloved families from the evils of glitter. lol Love the tag btw.

  2. OMG, Therese, this is soooooo gorgeous!!! Glitter, I literally 'cringe' when I use it, which is extremely rare. I absolutely love the glittery effects but I just cannot stand working with it. It's everywhere, cause I'm a bit clumsy when I craft so it just gets in places you never expect LOL! Thanks for sharing, Therese! And hey Therese, if you ever want to plan a trip to see the aurora borealis in Yellowknife NWT, just send me a quick email LOL! That would be a dream for me too! Take care and until next time….

  3. Beautiful tag, I love the look of glitter on my cards but boy do I hate using it, no matter how careful I am it still gets everywhere

  4. Very pretty! When I saw your alcohol ink background, I couldn’t get it with the snowflake, but you nailed it, Beautiful!💜🤗🌲❄️❄️❄️

  5. I did not guess "let it snow" and I was really worried you had forgotten to tell us the name of the song, lol. The tag is absolutely beautiful !

  6. So pretty! This would make a beautiful card too.
    Love the colours and the two toned sentiment is a great idea.

  7. Seriously, get yourself some Swiffer dust cloths, cut them into pieces and they grab onto all the glitter. No muss! No fuss!

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