How to Make a BB-8 Bike Wheel  | Let’s Make Star Wars

How to Make a BB-8 Bike Wheel | Let’s Make Star Wars

[MUSIC PLAYING] [BEEP] – Hello, and welcome to
Let’s Make Star Wars, the craftiest show
in the galaxy. I’m Sean.
– And I’m Marissa. Hey, Sean, do you
ever ride your bike? – Sometimes. Usually I just attach a wagon
to R3 and have him pull me. – Wait, R3 just
drags you around? That’s so lazy, Sean. – Hey, I don’t judge you for
taking the bus to school. – But isn’t R3 your best friend? – He is my best friend, which is
why he doesn’t mind pulling me. Right, R3? [WHIRRS] Oh, sorry, buddy. I didn’t realize I was
straining your motor. – Well, worry no more. Because today we’ll
be making something that would actually
make you want to ride your bike everywhere. – Thrusters? – Nope, even though that
would actually be really cool. But today, we’re going to make
the front of your bike look like BB-8.
– Cool. I’m ready to roll! – Let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] – For supplies, you will need a
white crepe steamer, two sheets of orange construction
paper, a white paper plate, masking tape,
transparent tape, orange, black, and gray
markers, a ruler, and scissors. Check the description of this
video for a complete list of supplies. Begin by tearing a long
piece of the crepe streamer, long enough to make it
around the bicycle wheel once with length to spare. Fold the end of the
crepe streamer over one of the spokes on
the front wheel. And use a small piece of
tape to hold it in place. Next, weave the streamer
through the spokes, holding it and
taping it as you go to make it as tight against
the spokes as possible. – Hey, Marissa, we should
start live streaming. – Wow, yeah, I think we
really spoke about it before. – Wow, I’m getting really
tired of these puns. – Yep. Me too, Sean. Me too. When the streamer has made it
completely around the wheel and back to the starting
point, tear the crepe paper and tape it to the
end you started with. Repeat this process until
the wheel is covered. And then flip the
bike wheel over and do the same on the other side. – Next, trace the roll of
masking tape, both inside and outside, on the
orange construction paper to make a thick circle. – Use the ruler to draw two
lines bisecting the circle. These will serve as guides for
the shapes inside the circle. Draw trapezoid shapes
centered on the lines and touching the inner
part of the circle. It doesn’t have to
be exactly measured, but roughly 2 centimeters
tall and 1 centimeter wide at the top of the sheet. Repeat until you
have four shapes. – What’s a trapezoid. – This is a trapezoid. It’s a four-sided shape with
only two parallel sides. – It’s a trap-azoid! – It’s a trap! – [LAUGHS] Nice. – Use the scissors to
cut the orange circle out in the center, avoiding
your trapezoids. Repeat until you have
eight orange circles. – Six, seven, eight. Yay! Yeah, you’re going to need
eight circles for BB-8. Next, use the transparent
tape to attach the orange circles to the
crepe streamer in the bike wheel, four per side. Be sure to tape them
so that no edges are sticking up that might get
caught by the bike frame when spinning. – We’ll do something. – We’ll go to the next part. – We’re almost done, so
we’ll see you in a minute. That’s bad. I don’t know. Something with wheel. We’ll definitely have
fun with this one. – Yeah. – Is that bad enough? [LAUGHTER] That’s the question. If it’s good, then we’re
doing something wrong. – Then if it’s
good, then it’s bad. – Cut the white
paper plate in half. On the convex side of
one paper plate half, draw a large black
circle in the center for BB-8’s eye and a
smaller black circle below and slightly to the right. – Draw a solid line
with the gray marker at the top and bottom
of the plate half. Draw short orange lines
along the bottom of the plate just above the gray line. At the top, draw an orange line
with some space in the middle, just below the gray line. Repeat this on the other
half of the paper plate. Use the tape to touch
the paper plates to both sides of the
bike wheel on the bike frame, not the tire. – And it’s all done. Check it out! – Awesome. Now my little sidekick can
follow me wherever I go. [SAD BEEP] Oh, hey, R3. Don’t worry, buddy. You’ll always be
my true sidekick. – And you’ll always
be mine, Sean. – Hey! I’m nobody’s sidekick– – Love making Star Wars crafts? Be sure to check out
Star Wars Kids on YouTube for more Let’s Make
Star Wars videos. – Who’s your favorite Droid? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching. BOTH: And may the
Force be with you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. C-3PO. I once saw Anthony Daniels at a convention in Denver where he placed some matchbooks under random seats that I believe said "Droids are human too" on the cover. I should have it somewhere, but I'm not sure since my last move. Also, you can never have too many puns. Thus "Spoke" Zarathustra.

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