How to make a ballet tutu for your Lego minidoll Super EASY DIY Craft

How to make a ballet tutu for your Lego minidoll Super EASY DIY Craft

Hello welcome to elliev toys I’ve got a little
Lego ballet studio here where the Lego Friends girls can come and practise their ballet if
that’s what they love doing and I’ve had to customise some of the minidolls because none
of them actually come with ballet stockings or tutus or ballet shoes so I’ve done some
painting here we’ve got some nice ballet stockings now and some little pink ballet shoes with
pink ballet ribbons this is a very good start of course now we need a tutu Now the tutu
that comes or the only tutu that currently exists is one for minifigures is for the Lego
minifigures, not the minidolls so it’s got two holes in it and it really doesn’t work
at all for the minidolls. You can kind of put it on here and if you
angle it carefully it looks kind of ok but you’ve still got this big bit of it hanging
out the back so it really does just look odd. So we’re going to make our own tutu specifically
designed to fit the minidolls so what we need is some of this light air drying clay, now
this is some that I have left over from the Poppit set but you can buy these in any craft
store and this part you can’t, this is actually one of the Poppit moulds and this is from
the hats set and this has just got the perfect shape on it you’re going to see for a tutu
but I’ll show you what you can do if you don’t have this mould set which you probably don’t
there are so many different ways that we can do this there’re lots and lots of fun ways
but his way is actually really really easy to start with so I’m going to show you how
it all works. I’m going to squish this out and because this
is an air drying clay we don’t need to bake it like we do the polymer clay which is what
I usually use for my extra things that I add onto the minidolls. This just makes it a little bit easier and
it is soft and light and fluffy just like a tutu. It’s gonna just be perfect! Now I’ve finished squishing it into the mould
so now I have to carefully get it out without destroying the texture that’s on the top. I’ll fix where I just squished that out in
a moment but look at that texture isn’t it isn’t it just right? It’s just so perfect for a tutu it looks so
perfect okay let’s squish all these little bobbles down they could be beads or sequins,
couldn’t they? Alright now we need to make the space for
the body in the middle and this is so simple you ready? We’re just going to squish the top of the
body in flat bang in the middle look at that and if I just grab a toothpick my tool of
choice today I can scrape out that bit in the middle and we’re basically done. Let’s put this on here and that looks kind
of weird so we’re just going to push it down gently ta da it’s a tutu! And you can take it on and off once it dried
and you can change it over and it’s just so easy are you surprised how easy it is I’m
surprised we don’t have tutus already. So I’m just kind of squishing this around
because tutus are well they go up at the back and they kind of droop down at the front I
don’t want it to droop too far though let me see if I can kind of get it at a happy
medium here where it droops a little bit at the front but not too high at the back. I just keep squishing. Actually I think, there we are there we go
I’m going to leave that now and we’re going to let that dry doesn’t it look so cute? They’ve got ballet tutus! But I’m not content to stay with just one
because I told you we were going to do one another way just in case you don’t have this
mould which you’re not going to so here we’ve got our next tiny dancer and she’s going to
have one out of I think a traditional white tutu so I’ve got some white clay here, this
one’s not quite as soft as my other clay but we’re just going to squish it down into sort
of a circle shape squeeze that see we don’t want it to be too thick and I have a circle
cutter here and I’m going to quite simply cut a perfect circle out lovely now we could
just leave it like this but it’s not very interesting so we’re going to add some texture
to it to make it look a little bit like the tulle layers on it just after I finish squishing
the sides down because I can never resist squishing it. We’re going to use a toothpick to make some
corrugation in this so it looks like like the tutu layers we just put little stripes
all the way around I don’t know if you can see that in the white we might do this again
in the pink but we’ll finish up in the white first ’cause it’s kind of really hard to see
this on camera go all the way round I’m coming out from the centre there can you see that? No not really. Okay we’ll cut the middle out it’s so easy
isn’t it it just blows me away that this is just so easy. And we’ll put the bottom on now I don’t have
more stockings for her yet so we’re just going to try and cover over her skirt and we’ll
pretend a bit that she’s wearing ballet shoes and stockings. But it looks good. It does look good it looks like a little tulle
tutu. Our second dancer kind of looks a bit weird
at the back with the skirt but we’re not going to look at the back we’re just going to look
at the front. I can paint some more stockings for her soon. Ok I did promise a pink one so let’s do the
same thing with the pink one, we’ll squish it all the way down ’cause I’ve got another
dancer over there who needs a tutu and I would hate for her to miss out so perfect circle
squish down the edges just a little bit more this is so light and fluffy this clay it’s
so nice and we’ll try try a different way to do that but I don’t know that really worked
I might just do it the way I did before and now now you can really see how that looks
I just I’m really texturing this one up really want it to look like lots of layers of tulle
now we can cut out the centre ooo I didn’t cut all the way through that looks okay that’s
still good and we put it on here and then we can put her body on the top and now we’ve
got a pink tutu. How easy is that? And it looks looks so good and when these
dry I’m going to be careful not to fiddle with them too much they’re just going to look
exactly like that and they’re going to hold nice and steady and firm but slightly squishy
and nice and light! So they’re just perfect now it would be no
fun if we didn’t try and do something just a little bit different and mixed up here so
I’ve got some mint clay here and some pink and we’re just going to kind of make a lollipop
skirt this time do you think it’s going to turn out who are we going to get to wear this? It looks really cute and very tasty at the
moment now we’ll just put all of our little our little corrugation marks in it so it’s
gonna look like the most colourful tutu and it does look tasty Livi is going to wear it
of course, it’s going to be the perfect popstar tutu I’ll try and get her centred in here
and we’ll squish out that middle bit and it really doesn’t look like a tutu it looks kind
of like a tutu skirt or a combination I don’t know quite what it looks like it’s not even
sitting very well I think we might have a bit of a fail on our hands there but I’m still
going to use it ’cause it looks so fun it just doesn’t look anything like a tutu at
all. Oh alright now our ballet studio has got some
proper little ballerinas in it properly attired ready to work hard and Livi look like she
is running late she doesn’t have her hair up she doesn’t have on a proper tutu oh goodness
me I wonder what the ballet mistress will think? I think she’ll just be pleased that they’ve
all finally got tutus it’s very exciting now if you haven’t already please subscribe please
run and click that subscribe button and do click and like and do leave me a comment I
do read them that’s a lot of dos and I will be back with a new videos very very soon I
promise see you soon!

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