How to make 6 more Disney princess themed felt finger puppets

Hi! Welcome to my channel In this video I will be focussing more on
the execution where I will be putting together the finger puppets Click the link below in the description box
to access these templates Cut out the templates and then their corresponding
parts from felt The rest of the video is pretty self-explanatory
and hence I will not be narrating any specific
instructions If you do however have any questions, please feel free to put them down in the comment section below You can either sow in some eyes or use googly
eyes like I have used or use 3D liners and put in some dots and smileys Here, I have tried to recreate as close as
possible the detailing with 3D liners to the original clipart Here they are, ready to be played with Please hit that subscribe button if you haven’t
done so Bye! Until next time.

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