How To Make 4th of July Pinwheels and Flags (EASY PATRIOTIC CRAFTS)

How To Make 4th of July Pinwheels and Flags (EASY PATRIOTIC CRAFTS)

Lynn Dunn: Hello, crafty friends. It’s Lynn Dunn from Stamptastic Designs. Today I’m going to show you two fun patriotic
paper crafts. I’m going to show you how to make 4th of July
pinwheels that spin and how to make an American flag from paper. These paper pinwheels and flags are super
fun to make and something that you can proudly display at the parade this 4th of July. The kids will enjoy playing with the pinwheels
that spin, but keep in mind that you can also make these pinwheels and the American flag
as patriotic decorations for your 4th of July celebration. By the end of this video, you will have some
easy and fun paper craft ideas the whole family can enjoy this 4th of July. For the latest paper craft ideas, be sure
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I post a new video. Are you ready to make some patriotic projects? Okay, let’s get started. Creating these pinwheels is a three-step process
and it’s very simple. Step number one is to gather your supplies. Here are the supplies that we need to create
the pinwheel. First you’re going to want to choose some
six by six inch pattern paper. For this project, I decided to choose the
blueberry bushel and the lovely lipstick paper. These are pattern papers from Stampin’ Up’s
new designer series paper pack. This is the 2018-2020 In Colors, so these
are brand-new colors, and they’re a lot of fun, and they will work perfect for this
patriotic project. The next thing you will need is a wooden dowel. I recommend that you choose a wooden dowel
that is flat on each end. You don’t want one with points since we’re
going to be playing with this one. You will also need a straw, a pipe cleaner. You’ll need a marker or a pencil is fine. You will need some type of hole punch. I have my Crop-A-Dile here to use, but you
can use any hole punch that you have. You’ll need some scrap cardstock. This is the lovely lipstick color. You’ll also need a circle punch, and it could
be a one-inch punch or it could be a little smaller, whatever you choose, but that is
the piece that is going to go right in the center of your pinwheel. You want it big enough so that it covers everything
and holds it down. You want to choose some type of ribbon. I’ve got some red and some blue ribbon here
because that will hold our pinwheel in place and it will also decorate it very nicely. You will also need a ruler, which I have here. You will also need scissors. I think we have all of our supplies, so let’s
get started. Step number two is to create the pinwheel. Now that we have gathered all of our supplies,
it’s time to get busy putting it together. The first thing we’re going to do is we are
going to just mark the center of our designer papers. This is six by six paper. I’m actually using some grid paper from Stampin’
Up. It already has the measurements on the side. It makes it a lot easier to mark the center. I am just going to put my ruler at the three-inch
spot. I’m going to line it up with three inches
on the side here. That way, I can see exactly where the center
is, and I’m just going to make a little mark there because that is where I want to punch
my first hole. Now that I have the center of my paper marked,
I’m going to use my Stampin’ trimmer to cut. I want to cut from the corner, almost not
quite to the center, but probably about three and a half inches down from the center. You can do this with scissors or you can do
this with your paper trimmer. I just find it easier to do it with my paper
trimmer. I’m going to start in the corner, and I’m
just going to make a cut down to the three and a half inch line. Plus, if you use your paper trimmer, you know
exactly where to stop. Here’s the center of my paper, and then I’m
just going to do this on all of the corners. Now we have the start of our pinwheel. You basically have, you’ve cut each of the
corners so that you have little triangular shapes that all meet up here in the corner. The next thing we’re going to want to do is
I’m going to just fold this a little bit, and I’m not going to press it completely down. I just want to find the center. There we go. I’m just going to hold that so that I can
find my mark so I can see where my mark was, and then I’m just going to punch a hole, and
I want it big enough so that this spins nice when we’re ready to make it spin. Now I have the hole punch there. I’ll turn it on this side so you can see it
a little easier. Now I’m just going to take my hole punch and
I’m going to go all the way around and I’m just going to punch a hole in each corner. Not every corner, but we’ll do it in one corner
on each of the triangular pieces here. Now we have our pinwheel ready to go. I’m going to take a couple of dimensionals,
and I’m just going to use these little ones, and I’m going to put them right next to all
of the holes. Now you’re just going to line up the holes,
and this little dimensional will help hold this in place. Now we have our pinwheel. See how simple that was? I hope you thought it was simple. The next step is going to be putting together
the stick. Let me see. I’m going to just take a straw and I’m going
to slide it on the end of the stick, and I want it to stick up off the end a little bit
because I’m going to punch a hole in the tip of the straw because this is where the pipe
cleaner will go to hold our pinwheel in place. Don’t slide it all the way down. Plus, by punching the hole up on the top here,
it’ll prevent the straw from sliding down onto dowel because once you put your pipe
cleaner through here, then it can’t go any further. We’re going to put the pipe cleaner through
and get that ready to go. That’s all set up. The next thing I want to do is I want to punch
out some of those circles. I have my one-inch punch. I’m just going to cut out two of them. We’ll just make a little dot right in the
center so that I know where to punch. Now we are going to put some adhesive on. Again, we’re lining up the holes, and we’ll
have our pinwheel together. Now let’s put this together. We’re just going to slide the pipe cleaner
through the front. What I’m going to do is I’m going to take
this piece and just bend it backwards. It can create a stop, just the little knob
there so that the pinwheel doesn’t fly off when we start to use it. I want to make sure that I leave enough room
behind so that my pinwheel spins free because if you put it too close to the straw, it won’t
spin. We want to make sure that we got some good
spinning motion. It looks like we do. What I’m going to do is just wrap this around
the top of the straw. How fun is that? We have a pinwheel that spins. I’ll stop playing with it. Now what I want to do is I want to take some
ribbon. I’m just adding two different colors just
to give it a little pizzazz, make it more patriotic, a little red, white and blue going
on. Even my pipe cleaner has some white and red,
so it was fun. We’ll put this up on the top here. There you go. Yay. We have two pinwheels that spin. Now for the final step, my favorite step,
step number three. It’s time to spin the pinwheel. Are you ready to make an American flag out
of paper? This paper American flag is super simple to
make, and you can use some of the same supplies that we used to create the pinwheels. It’s a fun little paper craft idea that you
can use as a patriotic decoration for your 4th of July party or even take it with you
to the parade. It will go great with those pinwheels you
just made. Let me show you how easy it is to make this. The first thing you want to do is gather your
supplies. We’re going to be using some of the same supplies
that we used to make the pinwheels in order to make this flag. We are going to start with a piece of white
cardstock, which is cut to four and a quarter by seven and a quarter, and then it’s scored. If you can see the score line, it’s scored
at a half inch. You will need that. You will also need two pieces of red and white
striped paper. This is the same paper that we used for the
pinwheels. This is cut. Each piece is cut to four by six, then you
will also need two little blue pieces of paper. Even though these are polka dots, we’re going
to pretend like they’re stars and we’re going to use them on the upper corner of the flags. These little pieces are two by two. You also need another dowel and some ribbon
and your scissors. Let’s get started. The first thing we’re going to do is we are
going to adhere the paper to our flag, and the paper is cut a quarter inch shorter than
this white cardstock. It’s going to matt out really nicely on this
cardstock. We’ll put this on one side, and then we’ll
put the other piece on the other side because we have a double-sided flag here. Of course, we do. Now this one goes on this side. Now let’s adhere these little stars or pretend
stars. We’re going to put it up in the upper left
corner, and we’re going to put it right on top of the red designer paper that we used,
and then we’re going to flip it over. On this side, instead of putting it in the
upper left, we want to put it in the upper right so that it looks like a transparent
flag would look when it is flying in the wind. We’ll put that up on that side. There we have our flag. Now what we’re going to do is we’re just going
to fold on this score line. Remember, this is a half-inch score line. We’re going to take our scissors, and I’ll
start in the middle, and I’m just going to cut not all the way, just make one little
cut but make sure you don’t go past obviously this line. We’ll just put another cut here and we’ll
put one more cut down here. They don’t have to be perfect. This is where we’re going to slide the dowel
through. To do this, we’re just going to sneak this
underneath here. We’re going to go under the first fold, and
then this next fold, we’re going to come on top of, and then with this last one, we’re
going to go underneath. It’s just kind of like your, I don’t know
what you call that. That’s it. To keep the flag in place, we need to add
some ribbon. I just cut … I’m using the same ribbon that
I used to make the pinwheels. I’m just going to tie a piece on the bottom. We’ll just double-knot it, and then we’ll
tie one on the top. There you go. Now you have your American flag. It moves too so you can proudly display this
at the parade. You can also use it as a patriotic decoration,
but just make sure that you add the ribbon both on the bottom and on the top so that
if you do start spinning the flag, it doesn’t spin right off the wood dowel. That’s it, easy-peasy, some very quick and
simple little patriotic decorations that you can use this 4th of July. For more patriotic craft ideas, I’ve included
a link below to another video for some easy and fun patriotic cards to make. You can also visit my website at
for even more paper crafting project ideas. Thanks so much for joining me today. If you enjoyed this video, please let me know
by liking it, sharing it with your friends and leaving a comment below to let me know
what you enjoyed most about the video and projects. Take care, and I’ll see you all soon.

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