How to make 3D origami a Wonderful Flower Thistle Tutorial

How to make 3D origami a Wonderful Flower Thistle Tutorial

3D origami a Wonderful Flower Thistle Tutorial We need 89 green, 136 purple and 16 pink pieces 1/32nd How to make these pieces look at links
in description under the video Make 3 rows of 16 purple pieces in each row fold it. Make like a cup Make others 4 rows using 16 purple in each row Begin to form a pattern 1 green, 3 purple, etc. Then make 2 green, 2 purple, etc. Then put on 3 green, 1 purple Correct the design Make a row of green pieces Make another row of green pieces Then put on the green pieces on 3 corners Make next two rows using also 11 green pieces in each The bud is almost done Make a stalk, pasting with a green paper a cocktail tube or a wire Slice a few strips out of green paper Lubricate them with glue and glue them, wrapping the tube prepare another strip and paste it
One end of the tube Grease the tube and the hole in the bud with glue Insert the stem and wait for the glue to solidify Then make a leaf by cutting a small rectangle fold it in half And make a beautiful edging The leaf done Spread glue and glue the leaf to the stalk Allow the glue to dry Decorate the bud with pink pieces Now it remains only to find a beautiful vase for our flower By the way, you can also make a vase yourself from paper pieces the flower Thistle of pieces origami done!

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  1. Such a wonderful 3d origami flower. I really like the color combination. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. No soy bilingue solo hablo el español y no entiendo lo que dice en la caja de descripcion….alguien me lo puede traducir?? Se los agradeceria mucho

  3. Quería saber si me podrían ayudar, ¿cómo se pone la última pieza en el paso donde se debe de poner una pieza verde en 3 picos? El problema es que cuando voy a poner la última pieza solamente me quedan 2 picos…¿podrían ayudarme? Por favor


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