How to Make 2 Bold Floral Cards with Design Paper!

How to Make 2 Bold Floral Cards with Design Paper!

Hi I’m back for Altenew and I have another
Take 2 with Therese video and today I have a stamp focus using this new set
called Simply the Best this is really fun set
and the size of the flower is the thing that really drew me to this set and the
fact that the dies for this set can actually be used in a couple of
different ways and I’ll show you shortly what I mean. I haven’t got any coloring
to share with you today, today is all about stamping and I’m adding some sort
of design element using the, it’s called the essential rock collection
paper pack and this is a set of really kind of graphic designs it’s a six by
six paper pack and it’s a lot of the different greys so I’ve chosen a couple
of those different colors here and I’m stamping out the second and the third
layer so I haven’t actually used the very base layer of this stamp it’s
that’s the solid image and I’m stamping up the center portion again because I
want to use the coordinating die cuts here to die-cut these layers out
including the yellow Center there is the center of the flowers actually included
as one of the dies and I thought it’d be fun to have that bright pop of yellow on
the gray so I actually die-cut a another large one of the large flowers but just
in plain black because I wanted to pop this flower up off the page so I’m just
using some liquid glue to adhere that and that’s just going to make it a
really solid base for me to pop up the front of off the front of a card and for
the petals on this second layer here I did add just a little square foam sticky
squares just so that they sort of sat up off the flower and added some liquid
glue to the center so that that actually stuck down so it did give this flower
quite a bit of dimension now you’ll see I did have some another
portion cut out there and I was going to use that as black leaves but I instead
decided to go for the tuxedo washi tape and I’m sticking this directly to the
front of my top fold card just down there it’s a side I’m not… I’m lying it’s
a side fold card and I’m adding the washi down the side portion and wrapping
it around the back and initially I did like the dark like black leaf that I was
going to add but I thought this looked a lot better and it’s been a little while
since I’ve used this washi tape and I really like it I just think it’s a real
elegant design and gives a real bold statement so I’ve been hoarding it and I
just need to use it more so I folded it around the back and then just created a
rough edge just for something different and I want to cut these edges off here
and I just deactivated the adhesive by using my powder tool so that I could cut
it away with my scissors without any problems I’m using my Misti here to stamp the sentiment and this is from the wavy roses a stamp set has a really good
combination of fonts in the sentiments here and this one fitted perfectly I did
stamp it a couple of times I didn’t press properly the first time
I think it’s because my card base is the 110-pound it’s quite heavy I’m adding
some black fun foam to the back of my flower because I do like I said I want
to pop it up off the front of the card and I’ve used some more liquid adhesive
and the half-inch tape it’s the Be Creative tape just to make sure it’s not
going to go anywhere and I did offset because see when I stamp out the second
layer of the flower has that black petals showing and I didn’t want them to
be totally hidden so I’d actually offset that top layer and added some of the
rock collection enamel dots and I can move these things around for hours and
you know what? generally when I first put them down they look fine but then I look
at it and I second guess myself I come back do it again and
when I decide exactly where I want them I do use some liquid adhesive to make
sure they’re not going to go anywhere and I can’t change my mind my second
card design today is using pretty much the same products this time I’m working
on some velvet cardstock and just using the top layer of the flower here I’ve
got some embossing ink and I’m embossing this with some white embossing powder
and I do this three times I’ve got three different flowers what I like about this
set is what I was saying that dies come in layers so what you can do is actually
use as many layers and create your own flowers I was kind of thinking it would
be great to actually layer up a lot of these in one especially if you use some
thinner cardstock but today what I wanted to do was actually create almost
like a 3D background and only using the top layer of the die so this in itself
has become a flower I don’t actually need the base of the flowers so it’s a
little bit of a versatile set in that regard you can either use just the one
layer or add as many as you want it’s very clever this sentiment here I’m heat
embossing on some jet black cardstock is actually from the simply the best stamp
set and it has some really great sentiments in it as well and a real
modern sort of font style and I must apologize for my photos of this card in
advance I could not get the red to show in its true color the actual velvet
cardstock from altenew isn’t quite as red as my photos show it’s a deeper sort
of a rich color it’s a really pretty color, they’ve got a
couple of different Reds but this is the one I always go for but my photos made
it look a little bit of that orangey but it’s not it’s a more true to these
colors that you’re seeing here in this picture so I’ve popped up all my
elements while I’m in the process of popping up all my elements I just want
these flowers scattered across the card and initially I was going to put the
hello in the center up near the top but when I started laying down all these
flowers I obviously arranged it differently to
what I originally it and ended up actually adding the sentiment in the top
right hand corner which looked better to me I did cut off all the edges of the
flowers here just to make it look more like a graphic pattern is what I was in
envisaging rand I did add some more design paper in behind
from that same rock collection paper pack so I’ll link everything at the blog
and the description below is where you’ll be able to find the link to that
don’t forget to like this video if you liked it and subscribe if you haven’t
already there’s always pics of inspiration here till next time happy
paper crafting bye

29 thoughts on “How to Make 2 Bold Floral Cards with Design Paper!

  1. Yay, first comment😅
    What a gorgeous cards you've made!
    Love the clean and simple design.
    Crafty hugs from the Netherlands. 😘

  2. Love it! Thank you for the second visit to this set. Always appreciate that. Really shows how versatile this stamp and die set is.

  3. well, you've done it now, Therese… another addition to my 'Therese made me do it' list!!! LOve the red velvet paper! and BOTH of these gorgeous cards with their touches of grey! xx

  4. Hey Therese….I just have to say that your creative mind absolutely 'boggles me', and I mean that in the best way. Most of the time I can look at a thumbnail and know exactly who made the card but with you, I find that you don't have a 'defined style', if you know what I mean, and this is what makes you unique girl….absolutely FAB cards, dear, and I so appreciate you sharing. Until next time….

  5. Beautiful cards. Isn’t it funny how we imagine one layout in our mind, then change it up when we put the card together?! I am glad to know I am not the only one☺️

  6. Gorgeous cards. I love this stamp set and I’m so glad you did something different with them. It helps to see the versatility of the set. Thank you, your the best.

  7. Was not a fan of this set the first time I saw it, but I think the patterned paper and the ragged edge washi are a terrific combo! Nicely done ❤

  8. I love black and white together. I'm almost 50 now but when I was in high school I wore black and white so much I got picked on and bullied. I didn't care though and it didn't stop me from wearing what I wanted or make me conform to who they thought I should have been. The best part is that it's a small town and most moved back after college and if they see me they still tease me…real mature huh. Sorry about that rant but I LOVED the card, hope u have a good day.😊

  9. Both cards that you made are “ SIMPLY THE BEST!” Very Pretty especially the 1st one.
    You made me laugh when you were trying to say envision. We knew what you were trying to explain. As for me there are some English words I get tongue tied with.
    I always enjoy seeing your videos! 😊👍🏻❤️

  10. Lovely cards, I also have some Altenew washi hoarded, some I've had for quite a while and never even opened yet lol

  11. A powder tool, I didn’t know such a thing existed. It’s now in my shopping cart at Simon Says Stamps. I agree with @icardeveryone, Therese made me do it!
    I love these cards. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Lol…envisioning….that is hard to say….such pretty cards! As always. So enjoy watching and listening to your tutorials and voice overs

  13. Definitely putting this stamp set on my wish list. Altenew has tons of great wish list items.
    Therese, your cards are simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  14. So gorgeous, Therese! I really LOVE all the gray papers, and how you played with the blooms in this set!
    As always, thank you so much for another really great tutorial…it's always a joy to watch you create!!! Barb xx

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