How to Learn A.I. Product Design Even If  You Are Very Busy With Work, Study and Family Obligations

How to Learn A.I. Product Design Even If You Are Very Busy With Work, Study and Family Obligations

– Hello this is Paolo. I’m the founder of Conversations
in Artificial Intelligence, and Innodemia. You might have seen some of
my videos around the LinkedIn or YouTube, and a lot of them talk about artificial intelligence. If you’ve done that or even if you don’t, I believe that artificial
intelligence is a big game changer for our world and our
economies in general, and I also believe that there’s gonna be a lot of opportunities
for people that have ideas in their respective
fields of expertise to combine those ideas with
artificial intelligence and generate new products
and new services. To that extent though, people that, a lot of professionals,
even in the early stage of their career that already have a job and have family obligations
or other type of obligations, find it difficult to
acquire considerable amount of technical knowledge that is requested for operating within these fields. I believe, though, that
spending one to two years in a class, in a technical
class, is unnecessary, really, to perform from a management standpoint. So to that extent, if
you really look around there are a number of
frameworks and way of thinking that are emerging that can help you to really shape your strategy
around building products and services with artificial intelligence even though you haven’t
been previously educated in this field. So, to that extent, I have developed a one hour free class that helps you to identify what are the
factors that makes it convenient to apply artificial
intelligence in a given context. Can be a product or a process
that you want to innovate, and when it is not
convenient instead to do it. That is a framework that you can acquire just in one hour of class. There is no need for
previous technical knowledge, and for any math or coding whatsoever. It is a framework that
I have learned from, a specialist in the field,
and a framework that is used in the AI-first companies, as well as in top Silicon Valley startups. So if you are interested
in this one hour course, all you need to do is finding the link. It’s probably either on the LinkedIn post where I’m showing this video, or it could be down on the YouTube ads if you’re seeing this on YouTube ads. With that said, I look
forward to seeing you inside the course, and it is, as I said, just one hour class, very insightful in allowing
you without software knowledge and previous math or technical
knowledge in the field to develop a mental
framework that’ll allow you to basically understand when
to use artificial intelligence in product and processes. Thank you so much. I’ll see you in the inside. Bye bye.

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