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Hey it’s Shaunell from Pretty Hair is Fun,
and we are going to do yet another hairstyle Tutorial today.
We have decided to call this Tutorial a , are you going to say it? A Pinwheel, right? Ladder
Braid, yes? Updo- does that sound right? We have a lot of fun trying to come up with a
name so, Pinwheel, Ladder Braid, Ladder Braid, Pinwheel Updo – that’s what we’re calling
it. Ok? Help me remember. Ok. We’ll get started. To begin this hairstyle, you’re going to want
to do a side part, just above her one eye and then just bring it all the way down to
her neck, as I have it there. We’re going to start on this side, so I’ve clipped this
side off, and then you’d want to part this section in half and I’ve just done that right
behind her ear. We’re going to do twist braids on these two
sections. So I’ve gotten her hair a little bit wet for the twist braid. And then, I’m
going to put a little bit of pomade in her hair, and just get a little bit on my fingers.
This will help her twist braid feel a little bit more smooth. Smooth that in. And then for the first twist braid, comb it
smooth, and then split that in half, and you’re going to want to twist one direction. So I’m
twisting to my left, and I’m going to wrap to my right. And I’m going to twist all the
way down to the bottom of the hair. I’m going to do this on both sections. Ok, once you have your twist braid done, come
over here to this section where we’re going to do a ladder braid on this side. The ladder
braid is just going to travel from here and along her hairline. And then, just grab this
section right here in front of her ear, and I’m just going to begin a braid. I’m going
to do a french braid, to start. Make sure it’s all smooth. I’m going to bring hair in
to make the ladder braid effect from the up by her part. So, I’m going to start bringing
hair in from up here. I’m only going to take hair from maybe like half an inch in. So just
imagine there’s an invisible line, you’re not going to grab hair past if that makes
sense. And it will be more clear as I go along, as
long as i don’t drop all my hair here. Making it a little bit more tricky, partially wet.
So I got that piece in, we’re getting there- we’re getting there. I’m going to bring hair
up from the bottom. I’m only going to do this for a little while above her ear. I’m not
going to keep bringing it up from the bottom. So bring hair from the top, and again, I’m
just going to take a piece. I’m not going to pull in everything. See where the hair
that i brought in is there, I’m going to leave a little space in between to give a little
bit of separation. It’s like I’ve glued your hair together right here, making it wet, and
braid again. Ok, then we bring some up from the bottom
and then add it in. And we’ll do it again, do a little bit of separation up there, just
take a small little chunk, (withthe glued together hair!), and braid it in. This will
be my last time bringing hair up from the bottom and I start pointing it down first,
to her ear. So these aren’t totally even but that’s ok, we’re going to pull these out a
little bit. So we have these pulled out, like you want it, put an elastic at the end. You
don’t want too big of a tail at the bottom. Then, we are going take our braid here and
we are going to pin it. So I am going to wrap it around my finger to begin with, to try
and tuck those ends in, and then I’m going to just roll it on the side of the braid.
It doesn’t have to be super tight or precise. So I bring it up and take a couple of hair
pins, push them in. And we’ll bring in the twist braids, make that more secure. And then we’re going to bring our twist braids
around, and we’re going to wrap it into this. Take the top section and bring it over and
just wrap it around the base. You want to take a bobby pin that grips a little bit tighter,
and hook on to the end and to the braid, and push it down a little, pushing it to the center
of the hair. This can all be re-adjusted. Let me take my second twist braid and I’m
going to cross up over the first one. Actually I lied. I’m going to the bottom, and go the
opposite direction. And just pin, ok- that’s secure. So we got our Twist Braids, into our
Ladder Braid, Pin-Wheel Updo. Gorgeous! Thanks for watching!

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