How to Knit BABY BOOTIES Shoes | Easy for Beginning Knitters

How to Knit BABY BOOTIES Shoes | Easy for Beginning Knitters

How to Knit Baby Booties. Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio
Knit! It’s Knitting Lesson Monday, and today we
are knitting up these really cleverly designed and easy to knit Baby Booties! I’ve been
getting lots of requests from you guys for baby clothes and especially baby booties.
I love the fortune cookie-like design and they are really easy to knit up for beginning
knitters. The Materials we will use are worsted or aran
weight yarn in one or two colors, your color choice is TOTALLY OPTIONAL. 2 Knitting Needles–
I’m using size 7US. Scissors, and a Tapestry Needle. Links to my Lessons on all the Knitting Techniques
we are going to use are in the description below. So, I first want to show you the construction.
We are going to make one smaller strip here and then one longer strip in the blue, in
my example. So, we are going to begin with the smaller strip here by casting on six stitches.
With those six stitches, we are going to knit twenty four rows. So, it’s pretty quick. Go
ahead and weave in and cut off your ends. And since we’re making two shoes, we are going
to be making two of these strips. Next, I’m using the color blue, and we’re going to cast
on twenty six stitches. Now for this knitting strip, we are going to be knitting ten rows,
and then bind off, weave in your ends, cut them off and we are ready to construct our
BABY BOOTIES. Now, this square, where the two strips overlap, we are simply going to
seam it together all the way around and I am choosing to do it in my blue color. Now,
we are going to connect these two outside corners, these two inside corners, and these
two edges together. So, with our tapestry needle, let’s go ahead and begin to tack the
corners together. Bring them in. And now we’re going to do the same with the other strip
that top corner of the blue connects to the left corner of the tan, and it comes down
and folds over the first strip. And then you’ll see on the side here I’m going to hold them
taught and then simply stitch them together. Oh, and if you LIKE these BABY BOOTIES, please
hit LIKE to let me know to make more videos like this. Now, to make the other BABY BOOTIE, we want
the folds to be opposite from each other. So, we are going to first do the right side
this time, and then fold over the left. SO ADORABLE! And I love how these make really
great gifts. Even if you don’t have any babies to give these to as gifts, but you think it
would be a really fun knitting project, I definitely encourage you to do it. It’s a
really quick knit and a super cute gift to have on hand. And trust me, these are a HUGE
HIT at baby showers. Oh, making these BABY BOOTIES reminded me of this really cool stop-animation
movie my Dad made with my own BABY BOOTIES. So groovy! Thank You so much for watching Studio Knit.
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100 thoughts on “How to Knit BABY BOOTIES Shoes | Easy for Beginning Knitters

  1. I love ALL of your videos! I REALLY want to learn how to knit some undies for my son – he's learning how to potty now so I'd LOVE it if you could make a video with the how-to's for baby undies please! I'm learning how to use circular needles too so if you could incorporate that I along many others I'm sure would appreciate it! 🙂 Thanks for the videos 🙂

  2. This is so easy, and fun to make! I made a pink pair for my new niece Amelia, and my sister really likes them. Thank you for the tutorial <3

  3. Hi Kristen, I'm making a lot of these booties on my holidays for my new baby niece! Now our family got 3 princesses!!! 💕 But I'm not sure about the sizes? Is there any Chet with the quantities of stitches for different a sizes?? Let me know please 🙂 happy new year for your family!

  4. this is great but can you give measurement in inches how each patch should be long and wide? i have different size yarn and i need to gauge it. thanks!

  5. just made these cute booties. very easy make a fab step by step instructions. only thing is they have come out very small.

  6. Can you make a video doing different baby sizes please. would love to try for my soon to be. thank you!!!!!

  7. thanks for sharing this video
    buy three beautiful hand made woolen baby booties with crochet flower headband

  8. Hello, I need some help on this project. I didnt reconize the knitting technigue that you use, and I would like to know for what age of the baby this booties fit.Thank you so much

  9. Like the Bunny tutorial, do you have one for a teddy bear? I have tried hard to find a good tutorial, for beginners, who want one of their first projects to be a teddy bear. Can you make one? Love your tutorials and I am going to try making the baby booties!

  10. Thank you for the video tutorial, sometimes the pattern isn't enough for a beginner it is so good to be able to see how it is done rather than bugging my mum all the time. What size is this knitted in ?

    Definitely becoming a new subscriber to your channel so easy to follow thank you!!

  11. this is amazing!!! have been seeing many of these booties online and I had always wondered how to knit it. thank you for this tutorial! this is amazing!

  12. I think these are just too cute! Your videos are always easy to follow. I have saved several and refer to them a lot! Great work!

  13. thank you for the video tutorial. how to scale it up to a real newborn size? or sizer 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 ?? thank you

  14. Lovely and easy to make but they come out very very small! Can anyone tell me how many sticthes etc I need for a 0-3 month size. Thank you very much! X

  15. I think you meant to say 6 stitches and 12 rows not 24 rows. The measurements for the smaller strip comes out way too long if you were to actually knit 24 rows.

  16. hi, right now i'm pregnant . I would like to do my baby. For this shall i use 100% acrylic or wool yarn ?
    kindly reply me so that i can buy materials and start to do for my baby.

  17. I want to knit these for a baby 6-12 months. I guess just double up the measures? So cute though. Love the simple video. It was really easy to listen to.

  18. Thank you soo much…i tried this and succesful but the size is not for new born…it become a miniature!!!😊😊😊

  19. Can you use a sewing needle instead of a tapestry needle
    I did them but they turned out a little too small

  20. Seriously, I couldn't tell it has a fortune cookie design until you actually tell me. It is pretty cute. I would like to try this design.

  21. 14 and I’m working on a project where I’m knitting loads of booties and donating them to my local hospital! this is by far the easiest design I’ve done yet and was really quick to do so I’ll probably stick with this pattern for the rest!

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