How To Ice A Naked Cake | Southern Living

How To Ice A Naked Cake | Southern Living

Hi, I’m Kristen Farmer Hall, and I’m the owner of Bandit Baking Company in Birmingham, Alabama, and I’m going to show your how properly ice a naked cake. (soft, gentle music) So before we start icing our cake, I’m gonna go ahead and fill a small piping bag with a little bit of extra butter cream so that we have a little bit of detail for our cake after we’re finished. I’ve got really nice, smooth butter cream here, and one of the things you wanna try to do when you’re filling this bag, is to minimize the air bubbles that are in it. So I put a little bit of butter cream in it, and then I flatten out the bag. So my favorite tools for icing a naked cake are an offset spatula, an ice cream scoop or something like that. We use that to sort of measure how much icing we’re putting on here. So these are really my two favorite tools for this. So I’ve used about four and a half scoops for this. And one of the things that is important when you’re icing a naked cake is, we’re actually going to ice a little bit over the edge, and that’s gonna give us a little bit of extra butter cream to ice in between the layers. So what I’ve done is I have smoothed out the layers of icing but as you can see it’s sort of over the edge, so I’ve added a little bit over the edge so that when I add the next cake layer there will be plenty of icing already in place for that. (parchment paper crinkling) And I like to stack my cake layers, and have them ready to go in between parchment, you can also use wax paper. So again, a nice, flat, beautiful cake layer. And I just hold it on the sides and layer it over the top. Now that we have this extra icing, I’m going to fill in the gap in between the layers. And it’s important when you’re working with cake layers like this, especially if you’re gonna put them on a plate, to make sure that you also put a layer of parchment on the bottom of the last layer. And that will enable you to sort of be able to pick up the cake without it sticking to the plate. At this point we’re gonna add that final layer. What we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna finish the top of the cake. And we’re gonna take that wall that we built with the icing a little bit earlier and we’re just gonna smooth over the top. And the way I like to do it is using the turntable. You take your offset spatula and you just pull the icing over the top. And that extra icing that we put into the piping bag, and I’m just gonna add a few details to the top of the cake. And then I’m going to use straight up and down motion, I’m gonna squeeze and pull the piping bag up. Oh, I’m gonna add just a little bit of sprinkles. You can add whatever you like to the top of your cake. You can use sprinkles, you can use fresh fruit. You can pipe the entire top with different sized pastry tips or you can go for that. So my recommendation is that you put it into the fridge for about an hour to firm up the icing just a little bit to make it easier to slice. Swiss Meringue Butter Cream, and this cake is best served at room temperature, so I would leave it in the fridge no more than an hour. There you have it. We have made ourselves a beautiful naked cake. I hope you enjoy making one at home.

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  1. do people really eat that big / tall of a piece of cake at once? I have never seen one that tall except for a wedding type event. And even then the pieces were cut about 1/3 as big as that. At restaurants they dont even seem that big. At most, half that size.

  2. Very nice but it is too much icing to eat. I suggest to put the icing only on the edges and in the center make a real good filling like with coconut and condensed milk or ganache and many other delicious tasty filling. Too much vanilla Icing with no liquid to get the cake moist…humm kind of dry plain cake, it is my Personal opinion who enjoys moist and tasty fillings.

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