How to HACK Flash Games — And More! *DONG*

How to HACK Flash Games — And More! *DONG*

Dang it. This is too real. I want something I could do online now guys. DONG. Let’s start things off with a Tetris Overload. ‘Muse13NJ’ showed me this first person Tetris.
When you turn a piece, so does your perspective. It’s fun, but ‘Dixavd’ would rather
prank you with Portal Tetris. Ah, you know, this isn’t going to end well.
Or, really, in debt all.
‘LeatbouldersTV’ brought us Tetris Laps, where just like Mario Tetris you
arrange blocks to make the level more navigable. Now, as you play, you unlock each next level. But you could just cheat like ‘BloodsailAdmiralTdk’ who showed off, where you can find flash games you like to play except all the levels are already
unlocked right off the bat. ‘MrDeagleking’ blew my mind with browser pong.
Why play with moving dots and fixed part of your window, when you can play with windows. But now, let’s toogle like ‘tanos1998.’ This search engine takes a word you give it and makes a picture of that word using the word itself.
For science, check out the periodic table of videos
where the University of Nottingham gives you a video with info and experiments for every element. Not enough about you?
‘AliRex27’ recommended a site that takes your name and displays it as elements. ‘Vince8745’ brought us this simple beauty
of a game called ‘And Everything Started to Fall.’
In this game you climb through your life to survive.
And as you survive you actually grow up – first to child, then a teenager, and so on.
Wo…wait. How quickly can you type the alphabet?
‘Thecheatlord999’ showed me this guy whose work is awesome. His planetarium
lets you pick a region of the world, click through time and then check out
where the Moon will be, what phase it’ll be in, you can even mouse over a star to get its information. And if you own 3D glasses like these,
check out his anaglyph drawing tool, where you can draw
pictures on the screen itself and then navigate around in
three-dimensional space. On the manly side is ‘JakeGordonTV’s’ message about balls dropping. This chrome
experiment lets you draw lines to bounce falling balls right inside your browser.
Finally, trip out with ‘misterturtle1998’s’ suggestion for this game that scares me.
But that’s not all. On Friday I’m gonna have a brand new
episode of Vsauce Leanback. It’s going to be a really fun one.
But right now, go check out Kevin’s little piece of investigative journalism about everything you need to know about jetpacks. It’s awesome, subscribe to our channels. And as always, thanks for watching.

58 thoughts on “How to HACK Flash Games — And More! *DONG*

  1. Berylium Calcium Uranium Selenium Flourine Uranium Carbon Potassium Yttrium Oxygen Uranium Thorium Astatine Sulphur Tungsten Hydrogen Yttrium

  2. You forgot the part where you teach us "How to HACK Flash Games" as per your title. in other words your video does absolutely NOTHING it said it could. 100% fail.
    I'm surprised this video has such a high like.dislike ratio for not being able to deliver a single feature promised.

  3. I remember once I was using the words out of elements website and one particular word led me to mithril which it says is fictional. And I was like " wait, mithril's not real?????"

  4. Learn javascript and html kiddos. Thats how u hack websites.
    Copy the shite and place it somewhere else.
    Questions? Ask.
    I'm 13 years old…get in the game hahaha.

  5. dude you forgot to tell www, you will find evrygame hacked over there with cheats and stuff and also its an awsome website with hacked games

  6. Am I the only person who actually read the fucking title and knows what this video should be about? …considering the TITLE, I swear…the retards who liked this video🙅🙅

  7. And sadly, it appears that the ball-dropping site is now owned by someone else entirely.
    And given that it's all in another language now, I have no idea who.

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