How to Grow Mother of Thousands Plant Like a Bonsai PART-1 (experiments) //GREEN PLANTS

How to Grow Mother of Thousands Plant Like a Bonsai PART-1 (experiments) //GREEN PLANTS

welcome to my channel today i’m going to show growing mother of thousands plant like a bonsai it’s a succulent plant and also known as kalanchoe daigremontiana here the one year old plants i’m taking out the plant from the pot we can see its roots and leaves that have outgrown from its pot we should only repot the plant when it outgrows its home then i’m just removing the old and dead leaves next i’m going to repot these plants in bonsai pot pot must have good drainage now i just place piece of jute cloth on the hole this will help to drain the water then put some stones at the bottom layer of the pot then put the soil which must be well drained and we can also use cactus soil mix then set the plant in the pot and fill the soil around it and we don’t need to prune the roots roots cutting or pruning is unnecessary now i’m putting some stones on the top layer of the soil that will help to keep the soil and keep moist and also give beautiful look we can also place moss or sand on the top soil after repotting the plants place the plants in a space that receives bright, but indirect light for at least 6 hours per day If growing the plant indoors, place close to a window or bright site of the house or office Mother of Thousands plant is a low maintenance specie, which is easy to care for and once in the correct environment low maintenance ideal for those who may not always be around Mother of Thousands plant prefers average room conditions and moist but not soggy soil and it needs good drainage when growing the plants outdoors, avoid direct afternoon sun watering to the plant after repot the plant pour water once in three days and doesn’t require frequent watering to grow

13 thoughts on “How to Grow Mother of Thousands Plant Like a Bonsai PART-1 (experiments) //GREEN PLANTS

  1. Namaste πŸ™πŸ»
    I am in America and in cold climate but I like to grow small trees like bonsai I am experimenting with avocado lemon orange trees I am groined from seeds πŸŒ±β›…οΈ
    They are my babies
    Thanks for sharing you give me new ideas and knowledge
    Can’t I ask u what the yellow
    Meaning it your right hand?
    Namaste πŸ™πŸ»

  2. plenty of mother of thousands plants growing in my terrace garden but I never thought to grow like this. Such a good idea. Thanks friend.🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

  3. It would be lovely to see how it has grown in the next year. Another excellent idea, I find it always very relaxing to watch you do them. Thank you.!πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. Thank you so much for this idea!!! I love it! I have a HUGE one that I'm definitely going to do this to because I don't like how "bulky" it looks although it is very beautiful. This is an awesome idea thank you!

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