How to Grow Croton Bonsai | 2 Croton Bonsai Repotting | Bonsai Trees for Beginners //GREEN PLANTS

welcome to my channel now i’m going to show you Croton bonsai re-potting it is a three years old Croton bonsai this bonsai needs re potting because roots have filled the container and it has overgrown roots hold the soil together in a pretty tight loosen up the soil remove the tree carefully from its pot see the roots are almost overgrowing it is time to re pot removing the old soil carefully use bonsai root rake to carefully remove the soil if you don’t have bonsai root rake you can use chopstick or small stick to remove the soil when you are working avoid damaging the main root system and do not soak in water to remove soil because you can’t get the root ball prune all long , large and out grown roots do not prune more than 40% of all roots next i decided to replant the tree in another bonsai pot because i think the old pot haven’t enough space placing a mesh net or jute cloth piece to cover the hole now i’m just putting a thin layer of small stones in the bottom of the pot for drainage purposes then fill the new fresh bonsai soil then place the tree in position After placing the tree in the pot fill the bonsai soil this fresh soil should be worked in around and under the roots and also avoid leaving any air pockets make sure to fill all the air pockets around the roots use chopstick or any small stick
and fill the air pockets after filling the soil add the stones or moss on top of the soil this will keep the soil moisture after repotting water the tree thoroughly use sprayer to water it’s an another type Croton bonsai now i’m going to repot it in another bonsai pot loosing the soil and remove the tree carefully from its pot i just use a small stick to remove the soil after removing the old soil roots pruning i just cut long and outgrown roots next repotting it in a bonsai pot covering the hole with a jute net and add the thin layer of stones and then put the bonsai soil and place the tree in the position and then add the bonsai soil after all watering to the tree with a sprayer next after repotting the trees keep them in shade for few days and then you can move them in sunny area thanks for watching

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