63 thoughts on “How to Get a Loose Drawstring Back into Clothing

  1. "Don't sweat when the drawstring of your favourite sweatpants comes out in the washing machine." Or when your cat decides she can play with it on your favourite hoodie. Thanks a bunch!

  2. If you're a kid and you're injured by a string in your shorts thats nature telling you you're not gonna make it and your offspring would be too weak to survive.

  3. safety pin opened up half way and wouldn't go further. Pulling it out unthreaded and wrecked an expensive hoodie. Great idea assholes

  4. Patience nothing, got it out in like 5 minutes. Great video, i no longer throw away shorts and sweats when the drawstring gets tucked inside.

  5. 1:03 That "safety warning" was incredibly American. Like I'm sure tonnes of kids are killed every year by drawstrings. 🀣

  6. It only happens to my red/navy/white gym shorts and my blue/white/black shorts nearly all the time I wash them. They need to add some sort of stopper to prevent this happening and stop adding the crappy platsic that breaks and deteriorates overtime.

  7. good tip but another example of over safety. how the hell is a kid gona get their neck caught in that when its inside or even outside? You would have had to have had it tied in a nose for that to happen.

  8. Another way to solve this delicate problem is to have a pet ant.
    You can get it to hold the end of the string and walk through the clothes hole thing.
    To the ant, it's an adventure.

  9. Couldn't find one single safety pin or paper clip in my whole house. Instead I tied the drawstring to a bobby pin and did the same thing in the vid. Hope this helped.

  10. STOP RIGHT THERE! Don’t throw your clothing away and try this first! Use a bobby pin! It works! Just clip a bobby pin to one end of the drawstring and put it inside the hole, then use the bobby pin to guide you until you reach the other hole 😊😊 it worked for me, if I can do it you can do it too!

  11. Thank you for such a helpful video! Safety pin worked perfectly to get the drawstring back. I just tie the ends of the drawstring a few times to form a knot at each end of the drawstring so it doesn't come out of clothes in the washing machine/dryer

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