How To Fold – Origami Lotus Flower – Easy step by step instructions

How To Fold – Origami Lotus Flower – Easy step by step instructions

Origami with Stephen Watson Napkin Flower – A traditional model take a napkin and open it out take each corner and fold it into the middle pressing down the crease as we go Napkins are never perfectly square don’t worry if you have a couple of lumpy corners just make sure your creases are nice and flat That is the four sides folded into the middle Now we take each new corner fold those into the middle as well all the way round, one two three, – make sure you have nice flat creases try not to let the outside corners overlap – and, four. like so. now we tke each corner again and fold them into the middle for a third time nice flat creases it does not matter if the points do not reach the middle as long your points on the corners do not overlap. that is now three times. turn it over we take each corner and fold them to the middle the napkin will be getting very thick the points will not stay down keep your hand on them and hold them down good flat creases last one in. Hold them down Just on one corner king the corner over about 10mm or so and place your finger on the kink to hold it down, like this keep your finger on the kink reach underneath and find a flap keep your finger on the kink and… pull this flap, straight up so it makes a petal move the napkin round kink the next corner with your finger on the kink reach underneath pull the flap straight up The kink locks everything together. do all four corners last corner, kink, reach under, pull up We have the first four petals If we reach underneath between these petals we find a flap pull the flap up reach between the next two pull the flap up between the next two then between the last two like so. We are nearly there! If you turn it over you have four more triangles I peel these straight out You can be quite firm if you are careful Turn it over and there is your Napkin Flower download instructions from art of origami (c) 2009 Captions – Stephen Watson

83 thoughts on “How To Fold – Origami Lotus Flower – Easy step by step instructions

  1. Yes you can do it with paper if you wet it first to soften it. Fold carefully so as not to tear it then let it dry.

  2. Your voice is sooo relaxing….even u just explain how to do Origami flower, its sounds like a fairytale 😛

    Oh, and really liked it b.w 🙂

  3. check out my video on that flower and my channel… I did not copy the flower I found this video after mine was allready up… enjoy

  4. I like doing the tulip, making a small hole in the middle of the lilly, then putting the tulip through the lilly to make a super pretty flower…

    p.s. very calming rythmic voice…

  5. WOW! i needed to make the christmas table look nice and i couldnt think what to do, wel i had a few ideas! i tryed EVER flower video but it just didnt work! grrrr but then i clicked on your video and…..YAY!!!! thank you so much

  6. Napkin folding is very forgiving as it is very rare to find perfectly square napkins, especially after they have been laundered several times. Even paper ones are not exactly square either so perfectionists beware as it does go against the grain! 🙂

  7. Don't worry about folding right to the centre if the outer corners start to overlap. Just fold in until you get a nice point. You will not notice the centre when the flower is finished. Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Yes, when you start to lift the petals up from underneath place a wine glass upside down in the middle and pull the petals up and over it. Carefully lift the wine glass out and you are done. If the fabric is a little soft do this on the table where the napkin is going to be placed so you do not need to disturb it.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  9. A ako vas ne mrzi, mozete da napravite i pravi lotosov cvet, motajuci dve salvete, jednu na drugoj *dole belu, gore zelenu 🙂 p.s. zao mi je sto ne mogu da postavim slicicu 

  10. Hi, I'm a french English teacher, and I'd like to use your video in my class in order to teach folding vocabulary and how to do some foldings. I already knew how to do this one and I told them I'd teach them. They are future waiters, and this can be useful for them as it got me a job interview to be a waiter in England.
    So, first, do you allow me to do so ?
    And secondly, you use two words I don't seem to know or recognize, and I'd like to know their meaning.
    Could you explain what you mean by criss and kink in these sentences, and sorry in advance if I mispelled the words, I don't know them.
    pressing down a criss
    Put your finger on the kink
    Thank you for this video, I'll impatiently wait for your answer ^^

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