How to fold Origami Flower easy (Nadezhda Ivanova). Origami Flower for Beginners.

How to fold Origami Flower easy (Nadezhda Ivanova). Origami Flower for Beginners.

Good afternoon! You are on the channel “Origami cat”. Today we will do the flowers of paper. This simple flowers for beginners. They can be made of paper of any color and ornament. If you make 3 of the flower, it is possible to make a bouquet. To work, take the square of the size 15×15 cm. Fold the sheet so as to obtain two equal parts. Spend the fold and cut the line. For flower we need a left rectangle. This step can be skipped if you just cook a rectangle measuring 15×10 cm. Turn the paper over to the white side, and fold in half. Expand. Now fold it to the right side of the paper. Fold the top side on the left side of the paper. Expand. Turn the colored side. Lift the bottom side to the edge folds (I point). Place the paper white side up. Fold in the planned lines. This is the basic form of origami “double triangle”. It was fun to watch, I have replaced the paper. Lift right angle to the apex of the triangle. Lift the left corner to the top of the triangle. Peel back the corners to the planned lines. flower head is ready. Who will do the stem. Fold the flower leaves together and lift. Fold the side to the center line 2 times. Who for the first time on my channel, please subscribe. And do not forget to include a bell! He will inform you about the new video channel. The second fold is very tight. You can ask for help seniors. Align the bottom of the stem. To do this, bend the edge, and wrap it inside. Do the same with the other hand. For your flower, you can choose a bright color paper. If you like the model of a flower, please place Like (thumbs up). This origami requires patience and accuracy. This can present a flower girl. It would be nice. Or inserted into a book instead of a bookmark. You can do it yourself origami, and then teach him to friends or siblings. Do neatly folds the past. Open the petals. Align the stem. Origami flower is ready! Write, you end up with a flower made of paper? Thank you for watching videos, Like, subscribe, comment. If the video is good, share it with your friends on the social network. This will greatly help this channel.

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