How to Fold an Origami Swan

How to Fold an Origami Swan

How to Fold an Origami Swan. Graceful and elegant, a swan is the perfect
subject for the graceful and elegant art of origami. You will need A sheet of square origami paper
(6″ x 6″ / 15 cm x 15 cm) and a flat surface. Step 1. Begin with the white side up. Fold one corner to the opposite corner, making
a diagonal crease, and then unfold. To make a family of baby swans, use a range
of smaller sheets of paper. Step 2. Fold one edge over, lining it up against the
diagonal crease made in Step 1. Then repeat on the adjacent side, forming
a kite shape. Step 3. Turn the paper over to the colored side and
fold the long folded edges to meet on the center crease, similar to Step 2. You should now have an even skinnier kite
shape with two small white triangular “eyes” near the top. Step 4. Fold the long skinny point to the opposite
point. Step 5. Now fold the same point down so it meets the
point at the centerline between the two white triangles. Step 6. Pick up the entire model and fold in half
along the existing crease, making sure that the head and neck are on the outside. Step 7. Hold the swan at the white triangles. Gently lift up the neck to a graceful angle
and squeeze it at the bottom to keep it in place. Do the same with the head. Step 8. Spread the base slightly apart, and your swan
is ready to swim. Did you know Did you know? A male swan is known as a cob, a female swan
is a pen, and young swans are called cygnets.

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  1. actually, when we say Origami in Japan, we don't think about a swan… The simple (hard at the beginning) and most common origami is a CRANE!

  2. make a big triangle and cut the extra small rectangle and walah you have a small square paper i also do the rectangular computer plain
    paper and i did it the same and im only 10 so what i love to make orgami papers

  3. lol as i look at the coments i can belive that you think this is a great model…you should search "ancient dragon by satochi kamiya"….that is great…

  4. I just take a piece of paper and crumble it up until it is in the shape of a bird and then tape it

  5. Maybe you could try and get people to make white origami cranes and swans and tie them together some how so they would be attached and use them as decorations on tables and walls πŸ™‚

  6. @edwardnr17 sounds like a computer or internet error, if your running on wireless internet that can happen sometimes, try upgrading your ram, its a cheap and simple fix that will boost your computers speed by up to4 times if your running a simple basic home computer

  7. this is a stupid swan. it's not the way to do it. 4 years old children are learning to do this model. This has nothing to do with Origami.

  8. Wow i cant believe that was so easy i thought it would kind of difficult like the other origami videos i've seen.

  9. my great aunt can make boot boot out of a five dollar bill 0_0
    once she did it with a twenty and gave it to me for my birthday! πŸ˜›

  10. I know, right? I looked up how to make an origami swan, and one video made it seem SO DAMN HARD but Howcast made it super duper simple!

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