How to Fold an Origami Sailboat

How to Fold an Origami Sailboat

How to Fold an Origami Sailboat. If you want to make an origami sailboat, there’s
a whole regatta of models to choose from—but this one is fast and easy, so you can spend
less time making it and more time enjoying it. You will need A sheet of square origami paper
(6″ x 6″ / 15 cm x 15 cm) and a flat surface. Step 1. Start with the paper colored side up. Make a diagonal crease by folding one corner
to the opposite corner. Unfold. Step 2. Repeat with the other two opposing corners. You should now have two diagonal creases on
the colored side of the paper. Step 3. Turn the paper over to the white side, fold
one edge of the paper to the opposite edge, then unfold. Step 4. Repeat with the other two opposing edges,
but this time do not unfold. Step 5. Position the paper so that its folded edge
is along the bottom. There should be creases on the paper that
form a “V.” Hold the paper with each hand on either side of the “V.” Slowly bring your
hands together, allowing the four corners to meet at the top. Step 6. Place the model flat onto the table in a diamond
shape, making sure there are two flaps to the right and two flaps to the left of the
vertical crease running down the center. You’ve just made a Preliminary Base, which
can be used to make a wide variety of models. Step 7. Unfold the base slightly and push the top
front corner inside to the very center of the model. Step 8. Turn over and repeat on the other side, and
then return the model to the Preliminary Base shape. You should end up with an overall diamond
shape, with two separate white triangles on top and a larger, colored triangle on the
bottom. The white triangles will become the boat’s
sails and the colored triangle will be its hull. Step 9. Fold one of the white sail triangles down
over the “hull” as far as it will go. Now fold the white triangle back up at a point
slightly below the level of the hull; this “sail” should now be smaller than the other
“sail.” Tuck the pleat at the bottom of the sail between
the layers of the hull. Step 10. If you want your boat to stand up on its own,
fold the bottom corner of the hull up to the edge of the hull, where the two sails meet,
then unfold it slightly. There you go, you’ve made a sailboat! Now keep making them until you’ve got a whole
colorful fleet. Did you know Did you know? The ancient Egyptians made boats out of the
same material they used to make paper—the papyrus plant.

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  1. yes rtg678 is right expert village spends hours and hours just tAlking about the oragami there teaching howcast teaches how to make it really quick and better but i like rob's ninja tutorial better 😛

  2. Did you know?
    The preliminary base is called preliminary fold rather than base because there are lots of bases made from it.

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