How to fold 1000 cranes – April fool’s day #2

How to fold 1000 cranes – April fool’s day #2

Valley-fold Valley-fold Open and squash-fold Turn over Open and squash-fold Valley-fold the right and left sides Unfold Reverse-fold Reverse-fold Fold the flap up Turn over Valley-fold the right and left sides Unfold Reverse-fold Reverse-fold Fold the flap up Valley-fold the left and right sides Turn over Valley-fold the right and left sides Reverse-fold Reverse-fold Reverse-fold Open the wings Tsuru finished! Repeat 999 more times Watch the video again and keep folding tsurus until you have 1000 🙂

100 thoughts on “How to fold 1000 cranes – April fool’s day #2

  1. Why are there parts of the video where there are other features besides the cranes that are being folded? For example, there is a tiny crane, an origami frog, and a Rubik's cube? Are there any others? What are the Easter Eggs that I can find?

  2. With some combining of comments, here's what everyone has found.38:00 An origami frog is being made instead of an origami crane.1:56:24 A mini origami crane is being made.3:52:52 A clip of an origami crane being made is reversed.6:26:31 There is an animation of an origami crane moving across the screen.8:19:07 There is a Rubik's cube being solved instead of an origami crane being made.

  3. Now that all EASTER EGGS have been found, I'll list them here:
    0:38:01 – Jumping Frog
    1:56:24 – Little tsuru
    3:52:53 – Reverse tsuru
    5:00:00 – My dog
    6:26:32 – Stop motion
    8:19:08 – Rubik's cube
    9:35:01 – my girlfriend folding a tsuru

  4. 0:38:01 jumping Frog
    1:56:24 little crane
    3:52:53 unfolding a crane
    5:00:00 A dog
    6:26:32 stop motion crane
    8:19:08 rubik's cube

  5. Reported this as spam…
    Now the youtube team has to watch the entire video

    Jo I love your work please keep it up. You are (probably) the best origami channel on youtube!

  6. I cant watch all of the video so help me out. Let me get this straight: he does 1000 cranes in the vid and they are all the same and there is surprise easter eggs in the vid right?

  7. WHY THE —- WOULD U MAKE 1000 TSURUS JUST TO GET 1 WISH?! oh yeah, i would wish that i get another 2 wishes so you get infinite of them lol.

  8. como vc conseguiu fazer 1000 tsurus em um dia 10:00:00 e muito tempo parabens se fosse eu n conseguiria fazer nem 10 tsurus

  9. I'm feeling nostalgic to say that I started doing origami through your YouTube tutorial videos and that was 9-10 years ago. The first one I watched was your origami crane video and today I can totally see the upgrade in your channel. Congratulations and thank you for teaching this art. And also, I keep coming back cos' you slightly pause after each motion to give viewers a clear idea of the steps 🙏☺

  10. Guys this takes 10 hours don't watch it it will waste your time
    Edit: no it's not a joke at least I did not finish the video 😎

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