How To Fix Paper Shredder Jam Video

How To Fix Paper Shredder Jam Video

Okay. Today I am going to show you how to fix a
clogged paper shredder. This often happens. Most often cause is not emptying the paper
shredder. What happens is it gets too full and as the
paper rises the shreds get dragged back up into the motor and then it won’t work properly. Try this one with a piece of paper. Here we go. See if it will eat it. Ugh oh. Here it there. If you let it go it will overheat. Then you will need to wait for it to cool
down in order for it to work again. Let’s see here. Okay. Well before it overheats. Let me show you what is going on here. Underneath it has got a safety switch so it
won’t work without that but it is a lot better to unplug it so that you do not get electrocuted. So I am going to go ahead and do that there. Then what we have got is all these papers
here just need to be pulled out. I usually use my leatherman to do this here. Just go along and pull all the papers out
that are jammed. What has happened is it is jammed both ways. And as long as we can get those. The majority of them clear. Than everything will work out and it will
clear itself the rest of the way. It has a reverse function but once it reaches
this particular point reverse function won’t unclog it. And in fact if you try to reverse it without
emptying the bin first sometimes that can make the problem worse as it can get clogged
on both sides. If grabbing it with pliers isn’t enough you
can take a small screwdriver and just kind of work up the majority of the deals. It just takes a little patience and a little
time working at it. I think we are going to be okay here. Pull these out. Yeah. Paper jam. Paper jam. No big deal. Anyway once you get enough of them the machine
will be strong enough to turn the rest of them. I think that is going to do it there. So we put our lid back on. This just has a safety switch sensor. Little switch basically. Not a sensor on the side. Got it backward. Here we go. Okay. Plug it back in and we will test it out. Okay. Here goes. Set it on auto. Now feed the monster. Everything is clear. And there we go. Going good. Good to go. Test it in reverse and everything is good. Now I will get a regular standard size paper. I am sure I have something to throw away. And here we go. Alright! Back in business doing it’s thing. Good to go. That’s how you can fixed a clogged paper shredder. A shredder that won’t turn on. Again sometimes it will overheat so you may
need to let it cool down first. Most of the time that is the way to go. You can actually buy replacement heads. Just the head so it’s a cheaper alternative
if your motor was completely fried. But a lot of them do have a heat sensor built
in so just letting it cool down will get it back and going again. Get it unclogged. The way to keep this from happening is just
empty it regularly. That is the best thing is just to empty the
bin when it gets about half full and than you won’t have to go through all that. Anyway. Good to go!

41 thoughts on “How To Fix Paper Shredder Jam Video

  1. Coming from someone who supposedly "performs maintenance" for a living, I would think they'd at least have enough common sense to move the jammed shredder they're going to "fix" into a decent sized open area (aka "better workspace"), before trying to film a video about the whole process awkwardly squeezed into the tiny corner next to the desk where the shredder is plugged in, then work on it in their lap without even getting up from their chair! Hopefully, this maintenance thing you got going is working out for you, 'cause you sure wouldn't make it in the field of video production. I mean, what in the world is that horrid background "music" playing the entire duration of the video, making it nearly impossible to hear the mumbled instructions?? Good thing too, that it was brought back up to full volume at the end of the video… for an excruciatingly excessive amount of time… while providing information about your "professional attributes" and "business/product website"… It definitely got my attention for sure!! It was so compelling in fact, I instantly rushed to click the dislike button but not before having to pause the repulsing soundtrack blaring from the video! Only then did I actually have the desire to click the link to your website…. because, at that point, I had to check this out… I was sure that it had to be some kind of a joke… No? …Oh… Well hey, you know, the video wasn't ALL bad. At least you use a quality multi-tool… Seriously, Leathermans are legit! {8-D>

  2. Thanks dude. I just messed up my shredder with using it while the basket was full. It was awful. But it broke it. So I had to go in and fix. I finally got it back working again. I had to b creative.

  3. this didn't work for me the paper is super jammed and when i try to remove it it just breaks at the base so the jammed paper is still stuck in-between

  4. Thank you so much I don't have the same one but help me as soon as you started talking it over heated,that didn't even dawn on me. Thanks for the info

  5. omg dude u is and life saver i snuck my mom shreder she just bought ans i was shreading old paper i dont use and it got jammed then i was so mad then i watch your video in i fixed it i was so happy

  6. If the red light goes out for a time is it too late?  I'm trying everything. I read this entire help, All that's left is a few pieces so I wonder if its too late.

  7. I hate paper shredders does not matter if $20.00 or $200.00 damn things get clogged so easily. I only use it for privacy ridiculous how they jam or clog. I think they design them that way on purpose.

  8. My shredder looks like this one except that it has a drawer type bucket that you pull out instead of the head that you lift off from the bucket. How can I get to the teeth from there?

  9. I cannot get my shredder to take any paper.  There is no paper in the motor but it does go backwards.  What should I do?  Got lucky my 10 months old paper shredder that I bought from Amazon is under warrantee and they are sending me another one for free.

  10. Good video for just about any Shredder. I primarily did the same thing with mine before I saw your video. Absolutely for a safety precaution unplug it!

  11. I have an old shredder that does 2 pages then jams reverse works fine and clear don't help. Any suggestions asap pleez

  12. I'm sorry but if maintenance involves poking a device with a screw driver then the design is totally wrong. Mine had no reverse so the screwdriver was my only option and it jammed every time I used it. There should be a way to release the cutters to clean them properly. Mine jammed once too often and the pieces ended up in the bin…but I did recycle the plastic parts

  13. I have an older Fellowes paper shredder that I think is missing a part on the auto shredding slot inside the paper bin.. I' think I'm missing a piece but cannot find anything on their site in the manual.. If I put a letter opener into the slot it engages the shredder so I'm thinking that there is something missing inside that slot.. any ideas ??? Thanks in advance!!
    I'm a TKD guy but always respect any of the Arts.. Best bl

  14. The straw trick didn't work, but the Q-tip with a bit of alcohol did! I had two sensors, one on each side of the middle. Working beautifully now. Thank you!

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