How To Escape Professional Handcuffs – With A Paperclip

How To Escape Professional Handcuffs – With A Paperclip

For this video, I’m going to show you how
to escape from professional double-locking handcuffs, without using anything but a standard
office paperclip. Start by biting the small end of your paperclip
so there’s a little dent at the top near the end, then unfold the side of the clip
to make a little handle. Hold the clip between your 3rd and 4th fingers, and guide the head
of the paperclip into the keyhole, then use the meaty part of your thumb to turn the makeshift
handle, and free your hand. Once you have one hand loose, it’s really easy to get
the other one freed up as well. And in just a few seconds, you’re out. Now let’s take a look at how this works
mechanically. If we peek inside the cuffs you can see there are triple stranded ratchets
that allow the cuffs to close in one direction, but lock up and prevent the bar from opening
the other way. When we insert a paperclip and turn inward,
you can see it catches on the ratchets and pushes them down out of the way. And by disengaging this mechanism, there’s
nothing holding the cuffs together anymore, so they literally, fall right open. Now the direction you turn the paperclip really
depends on which keyhole you’re working on at the time. But as a rule of thumb go
in the top edge of the keyhole on the thin side of the cuffs, then turn toward the wide
end of the cuffs to open them. Now it’s a little more challenging to pick the
lock if you’re the one wearing them, especially if they’re the hinged kind like these, but
with a little practice you can still gain your freedom within seconds. Now obviously handcuffs aren’t the most
complicated of locks, but that doesn’t mean you should ever try escaping from the police.
If you do, it’ll actually make your life a lot more difficult, so it’s just better
to respect the law, and stay out of trouble in the first place. But on the other hand, if you ever get kidnapped,
held hostage, or abused, it’s important to have options. And there’s one more option
you need to know about, in case your handcuffs have been double-locked. The sides of these cuffs have two little pins,
and when they’re pushed all the way in, they lock the handcuffs in place so they can’t
be opened or closed. Professional handcuffs are made this way to keep the ratchets from
cinching up and causing nerve damage to prisoners. And it also makes lock picking a little more
difficult. Look closely at the keyhole when the pin is
pushed, and you’ll see the double-locking mechanism slides into place at the bottom. You’ll need to disengage the double-lock
first, by turning the paperclip the other direction, until you hear it click. Then go
ahead and open the cuffs the same way as before. That’s all there is to it. Well know you know how to use a humble paperclip,
to escape from heavy-duty, professional grade handcuffs. Just make sure you use your head,
and only use this technique, for entertainment, or to bust loose from the bad guys. Well that’s it for now. If you like this video, perhaps you’ll like some of my others. Check them out at

100 thoughts on “How To Escape Professional Handcuffs – With A Paperclip

  1. The other way is to break your thumb. Once the bone os broken, you can bend it and slide your hand out, nice n' easy. Takes four pounds of pressure.
    Doing it without screaming, that's the hard part.

  2. I am so going to use this track the next time I have party my friends around me someone crossed the line about some of my enemies around call me Whoredini

  3. I have a feeling at least a few criminals are watching this. Do NOT break the law, this should only be used if you are kidnapped, something like that.


  4. These are single locking cuffs and what if the cuffs have the key hole pointed at your shoulder instead of hand?

  5. Im probably the only one who noticed he had the keyhole towards his fingers. If the cops used these type of cuffs that dont have a chain to allow the persons hands to move more, they would put the keyhole toward the persons elbows so they couldnt do this. He is lying to you. With this type it depends how the cops cuff you. It is not that easy.

  6. Unless your capture slaps the cuffs on the other way with the keyholes facing you. Then you're spending the night with Buffalo Bill.

  7. Didn't even know triple pawl cuffs existed. Pretty sure a new cuff design needs to be invented and implemented, that was WAY too easy.

  8. Or easier than trying to twist the paper clip both ways. Double locks are spring loaded. Hit them off something with enough force and you will disengage the double locks. It’s a lot faster and much more effective. Also anyone with half a brain would never cuff someone in the front with the keyholes facing the hands.

  9. any idea how to get a steel door open or how about how to get through a brick wall and past a guard and past a dog and camera's and then Razer wire and a new identity no reason just wondering you know it's for science

  10. 5 second in and i can tell you this wont work because no one puts handcuffs on with your palms facing together and (or) your hands in front of you

  11. That wasn't very helpful, I'll have to read your books. There are no XCIA officers, they keep tabs on you till you die.

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