How to Embellish an Ornament with Crystal Clay, Filigree, and Crystals

How to Embellish an Ornament with Crystal Clay, Filigree, and Crystals

hi this is julie with today and some filigree and some Swarovski chatons and some crystal splash and some flatbacks and I made it very glitzy and very fancy and I actually think it came out quite pretty I hope you agree and I thought I would do a video here showing you how to do it because there’s a lot of different steps so forewarned with this video this is a long one this does take a while it took me about two and a half hours to finish this ornament it was a lot of fun it’s a great keepsake and it’s really a technique that you can apply to a lot of different ornaments this one happen to be quite large so that’s why I took awhile as I had a lot of space to cover so I want to show you how to do this and I’m going to show you a little variation on this design but the technique will be the same so I’m going to put this aside and it’s kind of becomes kind of heavy so you’ll see it likes to roll around so I’m going to actually put it right here in this little cup and that way it’ll be upright so I can see what’s happening with it so what you’re going to need supply wise is you’re going to need an ornament and I actually picked this up just at a local drugstore you can find with a grocery store during the holiday season craft stores and what’s nice about this particular ornament is that it is shatterproof it is plastic so I highly recommend using a shatterproof ornament manipulating it a lot you can be pressing on it you’re going to be doing a lot of things to it and I would hate for glass to shatter in your hand of course so if you can find shatterproof please use it if you can’t glass will work the crystal clay will adhere to the glass but be really careful so you will need an ornament and then you’re also going to need some filigree I have these great shapes right here I use three of these shapes on this ornament but in the design I’m going to do with you here in the video I’m going to only use two and they come a little bit bent but what I want you to do is I actually want you to shape them with your fingers so they fit the curve of the ornament wherever you’re going to lay them so that actually fits pretty well it doesn’t have to be perfect you can see there’s a gap that’s fine the crystal clay is going to fill that in and then I’m going to do a design here where I have this main centerpiece focal right there in the front and that’s just a different filigree shape so I’ll show you how to do that you’re going to need some crystal clay to apply to your ornament and to have all your items stick together I recommend just aesthetically using the same color crystal clay as your ornament and then also as your chatons it just gives it a little bit more of a richer look you can definitely vary that but if you want kind of this look that it’s like all one complete piece that goes together it really helps aesthetically if you do the matching clay ornament and crystals so speaking of crystals I’ve got two bags which are fifty each of size P P 14 shut-ins I’ve got one bag which is a size P P 24 and then I’ve got some flatbacks as well which are size SS 12 so that’s what you’re going to need and you’ll use different quantities of those whatever you really want and are comfortable with and then my other ingredient here is crystal splash if you’re not familiar with this it is really fun so just an abundance of crystals they have no holes in them and they work great for crystal clay really pretty and you’ll see that’s what gives it this encrusted look and what they do is because they’re clear they show the clay through them so they kind of take on the color of the clay a little bit and then the only tool you’re going to need is a magical pick some type of tool to pick up your ons with and then comes with this little pad here that is sticky that’s a piece of tape in it and you can just do that throughout the process to make sure that your tip is sticking we’ll pick them up so let’s begin and I do apologize that this is a long video I just want to make sure I show you how to do it so I’m going to actually push all my supplies back I pulled out some white paper just so that I have a really clean work surface I’ve washed my hands thoroughly I’ve taken off all my rings just to make it a little bit easier to work with I’m going to open up my 25 gram package of red crystal clay so this is what you have inside it – comes with a little pic to help you pick up your crystals this pic does work I actually prefer the magic pick a little bit but this will work if you don’t have a magic pick so the design we’re going to do is we are going to put one of each of these on the sides and then in the middle we’re going to put this guy so just make sure that the one we’re going to start with is molded to our ornament and that looks pretty darn good to me I am now going to put on the gloves and what I’m going to do is I’m not going to mix all my crystallized ones I want to make sure that it is as sticky as possible for as long as possible and the curing time start as soon as the Part A and Part B are mixed and you have about 45 minutes of really good work time with it it does say on the package be up to two two and a half hours but I find if you’re putting a lot of different crystals into it it does start to harden and start to cure so you don’t want to go to much more than about 45 minutes once you’ve mixed it before you place everything I am going to take only enough clay to fill my filigree and then fill a little bit beyond too for the crystal splash for me I think that equals about a large pea size or small gumball size so if you kind of put that in there about double that I think will be perfect so with crystal clay you need to mix equal amounts of Part A and Part B and this is a self hardening epoxy clay so you don’t need to bake it and so I find the easiest way to make sure that you have exactly the right amount so Part A and Part B is to make two little balls and I can tell that my Part B is a little smaller so I’m just going to pinch off a little bit more add it to it and roll that ball again there we go and that looks even and now because doesn’t actually start to cure until Part A and Part B are mixed I’m going to go ahead right now pinch off another what I think is an equal amount might want my balls a little bit smaller just a hair just keep playing with it there’s no harm and just making sure you get the right amount because it’s not going to cure properly if you don’t have equal amounts and what I’m doing is I’m just going to make matching ball sizes since I have two of these filigree pieces that way when it comes time to do the next one there’s already ready to go and I know I’ve used the same amount of clay okay those all look pretty darn good to me so I’m actually going to take one of my hardener balls put it back into my little clay packet but I’m not going to squish it and do the same with one of my red balls close those up so they don’t dry out and put that aside now I’m just going to squish them together and I’m going to keep squishing and keep mixing until all striations are gone you want a nice uniform color so just mix back and forth it will take two to three minutes alright once it’s fully mixed go ahead roll it into a ball now I want you to try this just in a general sense mimic the shape of the piece that you’re going to put it on behind so the filigree in this case so that’s kind of a triangle shape so just very basic kind of flatten it out a little too okay and at this point you’re going to want to take off your gloves put them aside you’re going to need to put them back on later you can take it off right now so this is sticky but it’s not so sticky that I can’t touch it so I’m going to go ahead and put it on my filigree on the backside and I’m going to just carefully spread it to the edges and for my design I want it to not surpass the edges up here but I do want it to be a little longer and wider down at the base so right now I’m just pressing it not too hard into the back of the filigree to fill in that space and see what it looks like from the top side and now I want to just I’m actually kind of pulling it a little from the back and squishing it and pressing it and squishing it so just so it goes beyond the edges okay and now I’m ready to put it on to my form so my ornament has a seam why not just cover that seam with this pretty decorative piece so I’m just going to do that so you see there’s a little notch in my filigree I’m going to line that up with the seam just up towards the edge here and now I’m going to press on the part of the filigree that doesn’t have holes you can see it’s squishing out that’s okay I’m going to go back and do something decorative at the very end so now what I want to do is I want it to squish out some of these top holes because that’s going to make it easier to adhere my ons to I’m just pressing it and this too is why it’s good if you have a shatterproof ornaments because you are applying some pressure see what it looks like from the side okay now I want to just go ahead squish this down really press that into place so kind of look at it make sure you’re happy with how that looks I like the kind of the look of just being encrusted so this doesn’t have to be perfect if you want it to be you can really work on it and go ahead and squish it around and make sure that it is all even but I don’t really feel that it’s necessary for this design but you can if you want to so now time to apply some ons and this is going to roll around the moment you put it down it’s going to roll to the bottom which is fine because it is heavy when I say heavy I don’t mean as super heavy just heavy for the plastic ornament so to pick up the sheet ons I’m just going to pick it up with my magic pick and place it into the clay and that’s why you want the clay to squish out because you want to have some clay for it to be placed into so up to you where you want to place these shut-ins there’s no right or wrong way if you can see I’m just picking it up just pick it up on the tip and putting it in that place and that actually looks good to me I’m pretty happy with those there so now I’m going to go add some smaller ones can be kind of fun figure out where you want to place these and I think that’s good maybe I’ll do two more and then we’ll call it good for this part so now time to add the crystal splash to do that pour some out on your table I’m actually going to take a little pile in my hand and just squish it into the clay do a little bit at a time you can do one at a time you can try to do several at a time whatever you like we will fall off.not once they’re stuck in there but they will fall off as you’re trying to apply them and you don’t actually get them into the clay but just keep going keep applying them and you want to squish them into that clay you want them to really have a good hold you okay so once you’ve pretty much filled it in after there’s like a rough fill-in I want you to do is I want you to take some smaller crystal splash and fill in any big gaps also once you look at the edges and see if there’s anywhere that you can squish a little crystal as well and you just kind of feel free to like really push these in there and make a move around and make them expose extra little areas of clay see how I have a gap right there so I’m just going to place that crystal and just push it on in there move some of the other ones around so that it fills a gap so a crystal won’t stay unless it has enough clay to grab on to and you’ll be able to feel when it grabs it so don’t be surprised if you have one or two that do pop off you can always use some e6000 glue to glue them in place afterwards but they will stay if they have enough of a good hold on that clay they will stay alright so there’s one side and then so if you look at this ornament here you can see we’ve actually done three segments like this and put this ornament right here in the little cup right so here’s one segment this is a totally separate unit this was done later here’s another segment and here’s another segment and they were all done identical to this so if you were going to do this pattern you would just do three of these and then what I did was I took clay and I just put a nice big blob of clay there with a narrow little stem between the filigree pieces and then pushed the crystal splash into it so that’s how this one was done and what I’m going to do is I’m going to now go and do the other one off-camera just because I don’t want to take up your time with that you’ve just seen the technique and then when I come back I’ll have the other one done this one done of course and then I’ll show you how to do a nice focal piece as well as you can see I’ve gone ahead and I’ve done the other side so now we have two sides done if you were doing this design over here you would do three and now what I’m going to do is I want a focal piece I want this piece right here and I’ve already started to bend it so that I’ll fit my ball but I’m going to bend it a little bit more and what’s great about these silver-plated stampings is they’re pretty flexible you can actually just bend them with your fingers you don’t need a mandrel or any special tool let me keep bending it until it really conforms to that round shape that looks pretty good again it doesn’t have to be perfect and that’s one of the beauties of using this crystal splash is that it kind of fills in all those gaps you don’t have to worry so much so what I want to do now is I want to apply it so I’m going to need some crystal clay and it’s going to be the same method as we use to put these on but what I want to do is I’m going to look at it here and see it I know that I’m going to want to fill in this area up here and right around here with more crystal splash so I can’t use all my clay at this point I have to make sure I leave a little bit extra so when I put my gloves back on and I pick how much clay I’m going to keep that in mind so time for the gloves again pretty well used at this point but still definitely work all right so I’m going to take my red I’m going to say I want to probably leave hopefully about that much extra clay I’d be a little bit tight on this one but it’s going to work maybe a little less okay roll that into a ball same as before we want to make matching balls little too much hardener pinch it away that looks good to me so now I’m going to go ahead squish them up and mix them together all right it’s all mixed so now I rolled it into a ball and I’m going to flatten my ball again you’re just gonna adapt this process for whatever piece of piece of filigree you’re using and how much crystal splash you want to use just kind of take these techniques and use them as a guideline for whatever you’re doing all right so I take off my gloves I’m going to look at this again see where I want to put it I think it’s going to go right about there so I’m going to go ahead put that in the center and on this one I don’t think I want a lot of crystal splash coming out the bottom so I’m going to be kind of careful just pull this and squish it I don’t really want it to squish out the bottom part too much on this one you can see from this side what looks like but I do want to squish out the top because I want to fill that in with splash so I’m going to get eyeball that don’t want that one actually to pull out too much either it’s more right about this top part so I’m just going to pull it out and squish okay so I feel like I’m good to go ahead and put this on just line it up I can tell actually I’ve got a lot of clay there if you’re looking at that I might squish this just a little bit more because I want more to come out the top so I’m going to just kind of push it up wash your hands really good with soap and water after you do this all righty that looks pretty darn good to me so I’m just going to go from the center and press that’s a little uneven there there we go again I’m really happy I have a shatterproof ball at this point because I am applying a bit of pressure here I’m just going to squish that all into a splash I’m not see that looks nice it’s not coming out the bottom there which I’m happy about but I do want some clay to squish out of these holes so I have something to put my stones in I can tell it a little uneven I’m just going to carefully move it that looks pretty darn good so now I’m going to go back fill in some of these holes with my stones same process you pick one up and press it down into place just do it whatever you like no real rhyme or reason here all right so you can see what stones I have left here and so far we only use one pack of each so I’m kind of a firm believer if I can make it work with less ingredients I’m going to so whereas this ornament use two packs of the smaller and one pack of the larger I think I can get away with just one packet each for this ornament so why not so I’m just going to take some of my bigger ones which I have left I just put them wherever I want just make sure there’s enough clay for them to stick into otherwise you’re going to have to go back like this doesn’t really have enough clay so I’m probably put it there I’m going to have to go back and add some glue later that one too so that one might just need to be gluten at as an afterthought later I’ll go back and do that that looks pretty good to me so I will go back and I’m going to glue that one in there later which she’ll be fine so now I have this stuff up here it’s still quite fresh so what I’m going to actually do is I’m going to mix up what I have left of my crystal clay right now and then I’m going to fill in the gaps oh I could do that all at once with the crystal splash so I’m going to take what I have left on my red and roll it into a ball you would think I should have equal parts of Part A and Part B and that would give the hope I’m still going to roll it into a ball because you never know if I had a little bit off here there on those other segments it looks like I did I was going to pinch a little bit of Part B away and that’s going to now match up all right I’m going to mix this up okay that ball is all mixed up my hands are quite sticky so don’t really want to touch my ornament but I do want to look at where I’m going to want to put this clay I think I’m going to want to do like a little line right here so I’m going to pinch off little segments so that should do for right in there and then I need like a little tube shape to go along the edge so this is what you’re going to do if you’re doing a different design at home you’re just going to look at it identify what you need and then make a according to shape accordingly and fill it in accordingly so okay I got just a little bit left I’m going to side what to do with that at the end okay gloves are coming off for the final time thankfully alright so now I want to do my finishing touches so shape that I’m going to put that right in there smooth it out a little bit and I’m going to actually go ahead and just fill that with my crystal splash right now so you probably see these popping off and you can hear them popping off and that’s just because they’ve been laid on top of the clay they’ve not been pressed fully into it so use one make sure you really do press your crystals into that clay even if it’s a matter of just like moving them around a little bit it’s going to be fine you want them to get a good solid foothold in there which I know I’ve mentioned before just it’s really important otherwise they’re not going to stay for you so that looks good so now I go and do the back side remember I made this little coil looks like it’s gonna be a little long just pinch it off and press it into place as well you do want to fill in those two little gaps because I want to look like it goes all the way around it’s going to put a little ball right there and another one right there okay again I’m just going to go ahead and fill it in you can even take the end of your magic pick if you want and really push the crystals into place if you need to all right so we’ve got this done so far so and we have a little bit of extra clay so I do want to go ahead and use it and I think where I want to use it is right here and right here so put that back in the little cup and divide this in half keeping out just a little emergency pile those are kind of cone shapes I’m going to make it into a little cone shape you’re just going to press it into place can do the same on the other side time to add more crystals so now I’m going to the other side all right and there we go we have the top part of our ornament done you can shake it off and make sure all the crystals are set you might hear a couple drop off see if they were just loose on top or if you need to fill a hole is a little hole right there you can take a crystal pop it into place okay so that’s the top part of our ornament and all that’s left now is to go back and add the little polka dots which would be the flat back rhinestones what I suggest doing is go ahead and let this cure overnight let it dry let it fully harden so when you start turning around manipulating it to put on the little polka dots that way it’s you’re not going to dislodge anything here so I would do that right now take a break come back to it tomorrow morning and you’ll finish it up so that’s what I’m going to do right now take a break when I come back you’ll be fully cured and we’ll be ready to go ahead and add the final touch we’ve patiently waited and now the crystal clay on our ornament has cured and so now we’re just going to add the little sparkles and to do that we’re going to use some e6000 glue I have a little post a note to put it on we’re going to use these flat backs which are size SS 12 and then you need like a toothpick or piece of wire as an applicator and since I didn’t use the little wax stick that came with my crystal clay I’m going to use it to apply these so put some e6000 down on your paper it dries really quick so don’t put a lot down at once you’re going to have to add more so you’re just going to take your applicator get a little bit on there you don’t want a lot now if there’s any imperfection with your ornament go ahead and put a dot right over it now it’s kind of cool about using the wax stick is I can just turn it around and pick up my flat back otherwise I’d have to use the magic pick again and we are just going to do this we’re going to get a little bit of glue put a little dot on your ornament go ahead pick up a flat back and press it into the glue and I’m just going to do this at random intervals I just wanted to look basically like polka dots like little crystal polka dots try not to put too much glue that it squishes over it’s like a line you want it to be pretty clean and then what you’re going to do is just rotate your ornament around you’ll see this is already drying so if that happens just kind of rub your stick on your little pad there to get off the excess and pick up some more glue so you see what we’ve got going here pretty little dots I need a little bit more glue it’s getting a little bit dried out for me and I need a little more glue and it’s okay because this is cured to just let it sit like that this is what we have so far and looking at my flat backs here I could tell I only have four left so what you can do a couple these little crystals are coming off if you need to you can go ahead and glue them back in place or is probably just a fact that they were just kind of on top of other ones so you can either just make it work with however many flat backs you have left which is what I’m going to do here because you’re not going to really see the bottom of this ornament or you can purchase another pack of flat backs whatever you want so I’m going to do that right now I’m going to add a little bit more glue and I’m just going to add a couple where it might be seen and not worry about the rest not worry about the very very bottom so I’ve got four left put them in most obvious spots all right there we go we are done I know this is a hugely long project I think it was worth it so the hair you have your ornament so feel free to play around with this technique have fun with what you choose to embed in the clay with the crystal splash the pattern the polka dots just kind of let yourself play it’s a great way of exploring your creativity and just having fun at the holidays so these two ornaments here both made using the same technique could tell they look quite different though which is nice and you can see all the ingredients and further details at in the free project section and both of these will be under crafts or under our holiday projects you

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  2. The list and links for the supplies in this video is located in the video description underneath this video.

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