33 thoughts on “How to Embellish an Ornament with Crystal Clay, Filigree, and Crystals

  1. Very pretty. If I were to go to a craft store to buy items like these what would I need to buy? I have flatbacks and ornaments already but what is the proper names of the other items? thank you 🙂

  2. The list and links for the supplies in this video is located in the video description underneath this video.

  3. Aww These are beautiful,I am hoping I can find the items needed here in the UK,because I so want to try to make some of these.Thank you for a great and well explained tutorial.

  4. Awesome. Thank you so much. I have tons of old Christmas balls and tons of beautiful "Beads and Accessories" that I bought off ebay from a wonderful little store! I will be very busy soon.

  5. Julie can I ask how much did all the supply cost you and how many ornaments where you able to do? Im only talking about all the rhinestones and crystal clay.  Thank you again

  6. Some of the product links in the description are not working. Would you please provide a link to the stones used? I tried a search on the website but I am not sure which were used. The ornaments came out lovely and I am excited to make them 🙂 Thank you.

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