How to Drink Sake Like a Pro

How to Drink Sake Like a Pro

Am I supposed to shake it? Am I supposed to churn it? What do I do? *gasp You’re supposed to ask an adult. If you don’t know what to do, ask an adult. We are in Aizuwakamatsu at a very old sake brewery and today we are going to teach you about sake! Now, let’s go learn about Sake so that we can…uh… teach everyone else about sake, cause I don’t know what I’m doing. Let’s go girl Why do you always do this to me? Why do u always have to do this to me? So i think we’ve learned some things but We’re not masters by any means. The most important thing that you need to know when it comes to sake is that there are two main ingredients that contribute to the flavor. There’s a kind of water and there’s a kind of rice. Water, like spring water, is very very regional so now that we’re Aizuwakamatsu, the sake that’s being made at this place will the particular flavor is based on the water being used. So water is critically Important when it comes to rice as well. Right? I feel like a North American. We think as rice as just rice. Like ohh… We think all white rice is the same but that’s kind of like—think about it like grapes: like you could have different kinds of grapes and different kinds of wines. I could have different kinds of rice for different kinds of sake. In fact, they use sake rice. Yes. I didn’t even know there was sake rice. Right. I thought it was just like normal rice. I know. The second critical thing that we learned was rice polishing, I’ve never known about this at all. You got a kernel rice. The outside of it has proteins and fats and different kinds of flavors. And on the inside, There’s a little nubble of starchy goodness. Yes. So when it comes to making sake, the most basic amount of rice that you can mill away is 70%. 70%. If you leave more than 70% of the kernel on, then it pretty much becomes undrinkable. It’s like it’s not good. So, the minimum has to be 70%. If you keep going, if you keep milling away the outside of the rice, you’re getting closer and closer to that little starchy nub on the inside, in which case you have different kinds of sake that are like 35%. That’s all that’s left of that piece of rice. But it’s really hard to do. Yes. That means you have to use more rice to make the sake, which means it’s gonna cost more money. Because in order to make the same bottle you have to use tons more rice and at the same time the more that you strip away The rice the more flavors you lose from it, and some people want to have just like a pure clean taste of Sake, that’s fine but some People like the complexities of other things on there, so having a bigger percentage of polishing doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna be better. It’s all based on your preference. Yes I have a really good, uh example for that. Okay. Let’s talk about ice cream. Yes. Okay if you love chocolate ice cream but I like Rocky road. It’s chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and nuts in it. Does it mean that because I like Rocky Road, I’m wrong? Like pure chocolate is the best? No it comes down to preference. Yeah. Some people want a clean delicious taste of chocolate and other people want to put sprinkles and whipped cream on top and taste different flavors. Some people like super kid, which is just a disgusting ice cream, (Super kid is amazing, how can you say that?) who even eats that stuff? So we are starting with the Junmai sake first Okay so this is the base sake. So that’s the base sake right here so this right here is a thousand Yen, which is roughly ten Dollars. this here is one thousand five hundred Yen, which is roughly fifteen Dollars. And this, if they were to go down to the same size is roughly fifty-five hundred Yen. Which is like fifty-five Dollars, so very expensive to the cheap. so he Recommended We try This one First yeah and then We compare it to this one To see the Difference all right let’s do it? You Call this A cup, what is this A cup per ounce, oh it’s Tasting it’s not Equal to one Sake, oh No me Hajime – Don’t know Cheeky no Naka de Areco road total Tenkasu what Saga talks no our Core you are tim Maestas Again Jeremy Don’t we need jim my son Psycho They Are Courting I staggered a minute – you Talk or Anejo in The material die ginjo Taka Taka Korea’s Only Monster Osaka Photon Dawa Are Correlated Garage Are Correlated Cotton of Armada – He saw drop GDansk in Nevada at the smog to join Us dr. Nachmann Brenda Lucas Now what We learned Today you’re supposed to just spin it one Minute one you Don’t go Crazy Cuz you’ll ruin this the smell so you, just do it like okay that’s Enough huh Those Two spins So that one Has Like a creamier taste then There the sock Is that I know He Had Yesterday right at the very end you taste a little bit of Alcohol Flavor right it does have A Taste To it so now We’re Gonna go for the big Boy and we’re Gonna See if There’s a Difference here so this right here is the dye Ginjo if There’s Anything you Can Learn from Today’s Video Is if you’re going on a date order the diag Enjoy it is the Best Quality you will Sound very Impressive and like you know what you’re Talking about My ginjo Does not Mean The Name of the socket it Means the level of A socket knocking Is right over Here on the Corner right that Kanji, Actually means Big and so this Can be on Many Different brands of Sake, oh? God Grow This Expensive Stuff I’m going right to the brim Wow It’s Creamy you feel like going over your tongue it’s like the Difference between Having Skim Milk and Cream There is no Alcohol the Aftertaste of this no alcoholic Aftertaste at all So this is I think what they meant when they, were Saying that as you Take? Away the Outside of the Kernel and You’re getting More and more Into the Star Chip and Everyone Describes A more expensive Sake it’s Clean I would Definitely Say that this is clean Let’s go back to this One Now you Can, Feel like when, you’re drinking This One it’s Heavier on your tongue it Also has like A lot of Flavors in it but none of them have that Alcoholic Bite in The Back okay go back to the june Month so this is the Expensive One Still, okay? Whoa, oh? My God it’s so Different I know so what we were Told the last way to find the Sake that’s good for you is you Should go with expensive Bottles First and then Work your way Down so you know what you, don’t like because if You start With like an okay Sofia You’re like yes all right but when You get to the really good sock Ends Is very difficult to go back but if you’re Trying to be A Fancy-Pants ask for the Dieting Job okay Joe and if They Don’t have Digan joe Flip the table and leave Because that is a sham establishment Jean was Spot on Opi Parchment ice okay I know you know she they come by calloused artists You go out to meet I’m not a, oh? Osi Channel Aldo Bruno you know Like a type Look, sorry Goodbye Us who you calling out so this one Right here Is Somewhere in Between it to them it’s ginjo it’s not Dying in Joe’s or june But This is june My ginjo you Can try this one and See how We like it Compared to? The Daigon Job The color is Actually A bit Different than the rest of Them a little bit on the Yellow Where right does Yeah It Smells Alcohol, ewwww oh It’s much Sweeter and Sweeter Than that one doesn’t Have an Alcohol Ii after taste that’s A slight one As my this one Has None Whatsoever Wow this is almost Just like Delicious water, well this tastes like Alcohol you know You’re Drinking This for a Purpose you’re Trying to forget Whatever Happening Part But This Right Here you Can, Enjoy a lot but This one The ginjo it Yeah it does Yeah I think one of the things that We’re Struggling with Is that We don’t want know how to describe Flavors yeah like When I taste a lot of them
We you’re not Sure if it’s like Citrusy or Melon that you’re Tasting but I do know that This one Is very Alcoholic Hmm and These Two tastes Totally Different Than them this is Definitely Fruit Here Here’s The other Cool Thing, We learned About Sake There’s Basically a scale of sweet Vs. Dry you Can even go one Notch above dry and you Can have super dry Some Labels on the Back of Socket Butters will Tell you left Side Is sweet right Side is super dry so this right here The Daigon Joel one We have is super dry the one Right here that, we had Is? Kind of dry and The One That We had Right here IS in Between Sweet and dry so none of These are Really? Sweet stockings so if you’re ordering something you don’t know what to get you at Least Can Say, well I don’t want something sweet and then the Person Can bring you something that isn’t too sweet and Now We’re Gonna do this super Vintage one Yeah the super Old one I mean don’t pour a lot Of that Because I’m Sure They, don’t want something that Tell Me not to pour the Expensive I think I’m doing here do you know Many Beeps I have to be Simon Come on you’re Making my life Hell I didn’t ask for this Ball They brought it I’m not Gonna be Rude and Say No, okay? This Is 1989. This is such an Old Bottle that they just have to tape on their own Label. I’m scared, you pour it. No, you’re clumsy. No I’m clumsy. Take it. Girl stop wasting my time. Time for their special bottle that they brought out. Oh? Wow, that’s brown. It’s aged Ok, I want the big one that I poured. This is crazy, look at the color on that. This right here is 28 year old Sake Ah Oh it smells, complete… almost like a Brandy. Yeah that smell, I’d say like a Brandy. Is very honey, almost like a burnt sugar smell to it. It almost has like a brown rice taste to it. It does you’re right. It’s almost savory. I know it kind of reminds me of when you have a really nutty whole-wheat bread. Mmm, and when you eat it it has that creamy bread, but like the nuttiness of actual pieces of multigrain in it it kind of has that feeling to it. That’s a totally different taste for Sake but it doesn’t have an alcohol-ly taste to it. No, no there’s no like The first one that We had, had a strong alcohol bite. This does not have an alcohol bite to it at all. It’s not like when you drink a Brandy and when you Drink it down you’re like, wow, like it’s nothing that’s that kind of strong. Can we get like a, sippy cup to go bottle for the ride back home? it’s gonna be a long ride. Mmm wow that is Significantly more Complex Tasting Linnaeus 103 Kakou it’s Regulation an Occasional Disgust as my money – Money – Name Megara American Italian Okuni Tails again With Rhythm, oh hey You know you don’t know Thomas again on the Team I cannot tell you not to go to Jesus Anymore I know Mother Mother Wine – chuckles you know I’ll tell you what no Sure No no, Capsule need More They knew Only Known are Jalapeño, wow I’m Attacked I don’t know what a sumac you are I know why in order to give an you want some Title you must Say This If You Guys want to learn more about Sake Make sure you click the link, over to our blog Post Where We will do a little bit of a Breakdown for you to understand the Differences between These Different Kinds of Simon Keeps Going Also if You want to come on A tour of this Sake Brewery you absolutely Can, over on our Website We’re Going to give you instructions and Directions on how to get here it’s Just A Lovely Experience The Building Is so Old Also if You Come Here for a tour the tour is Actually free and They have a little tiny Link for Sake Tasting for free As, well which May not be free if Simon Keeps going and Finishes off all the Sake hey this is the good stuff right Here If you Learn Anything from this Video Blah blah blah blah blah Diegan Joe I’m Kind of Worried About this Video Because it Started off like Really like Noble and Profound Like That Great Interview From the Guy and Those Two stuff and Here I am Well I guess you learned something have I yes What have I learned here that, we’re Gonna Have to Buy some Thai, Enjoy When We go, home i get, enjoy me the Way? That doesn’t even make sense

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