How to draw Realistic Skin Texture & Pores

How to draw Realistic Skin Texture & Pores

I will show you how to draw these textures in this video and these Wrinkles i will draw this portion of the cheek Draw an outline of cheek Darken the outline Add Wrinkles Add some random Dots for skin pores Blending Skin pores and Wrinkles You can Add some basic shade before blending Blending with a dry brush Blending Skin Pores Blending Wrinkles Add some highlights between pores Add a Darker shade (as desired) Blend the pores again Add More Highlights Darken the outline, wrinkles and pores (as desired) This is just a Technique, you can use it for any purpose

81 thoughts on “How to draw Realistic Skin Texture & Pores

  1. Ali haider….i hav started seeing ur videos recently. I want to do so many things in life regarding sketches n all. But i never got any good guidance or any videos whch has really helped me. But trust me..dis m saying from my heart dat from dis one video itself i learnt so many things whch i alwys use to wonder how u artist create such realistic effect. I got confidence from u. I dnt hav money to buy all but sure wen i will arrange first thibg i will do is…il buy n will try it. …n i will keep trying unless i dnt reach my goals. Thnkz a lot sir for sharing dis talent with us. And also giving ur precious tym. Thnk u once again….wer can i directly communicate with u if i hav any dout. Plz help.

  2. But it's not matching with the area in the artwork you marked to show how to draw that:-..btw you are a great artist .keep on making your sketches 👏

  3. wonderful draw . keep it up
    I allso draw . so can u tell me from where did you get this nice old man pic pls 🙏

  4. Pls what's your official Instagram profile username? I've been searching for you a long time now

  5. Thank you for the great videos!
    I've been wanting to take my drawings up a level and apparently tutorials like yours are like gold dust!

    The video's are really helpful and I really appreciate you spending the time creating them.

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