How to Draw Perspective: A Bridge and Narrow Boat

How to Draw Perspective: A Bridge and Narrow Boat

Hi, Tom here and welcome to my new video: How to Draw a Bridge and a Narrow Boat in Perspective, start by drawing a
horizontal line above the middle of your paper, place a cross for a vanishing point on the right and another cross for the
vanishing point on the left, now draw a diagonal line from the far left
vanishing point to the lower right hand side and then another diagonal line to
the upper right hand side of your drawing, next, in between these two diagonal lines that we’ve just drawn, and also to the
right of the vanishing point on the horizon, draw two vertical lines between
the two diagonal lines, next, find a point about halfway between
these two vertical lines, a little bit to the left of the halfway line and draw a
curve, now, from the right vanishing point, draw
another line to the bottom of the left vertical line and then keep the line
going beyond it, and now we can repeat that for the line on the right hand side
to the vertical line on the right, next draw another vertical line for the
back of the bridge, now, if we draw a line from the left vanishing point to the top,
where the bridge starts to curve, we can now copy that curve, from the front of
the bridge, copy that curve to the back of the bridge, but we do need to start on
the left-hand vertical that we just drawn, and then we need to stop this
curve as it touches the first curve, the curve in the front, and now we have a simple bridge in
two-point perspective, where are two vanishing points which are on the
horizon, are used for all of the parallel lines that are going away from us, they will either go to the left vanishing point or the parallel lines will go to the right
vanishing point, next we could draw a curve for the two lines that will be the
waterway, the canal, at the front of the drawing, in the foreground, as we draw
these, they just need to keep getting closer as they go to the horizon, so the
curve in perspective, as long as the two curved lines, which are in this case
parallel, they’re going to, because of perspective, they’re going to join up
together at the vanishing point, which is going to be on the horizon line, the next
step is to draw some guide lines for the narrow boat that we’re going to draw in
the foreground, we can block in the basic rectangle of the narrow boat using our
two-point perspective, using the vanishing points, so the vanishing point
on the right, we can use that to get the length of the boat,
and the vanishing point on the left, we can use that to find where the lines
stop, so they’re not endlessly long lines, so they actually stop, once we have the basic long shape of
this flat bottoms narrow boat, we can draw the front and back of the boat and add a curve to the front and some details, the next step in this
drawing is to draw a front of a building on the left, and then we can add some
tonal value, some shading, particularly under the bridge,
for this drawing I’ll add more buildings, I want to make this drawing look a
little bit like a Victorian scene, an old-fashioned scene, I think I’ll add a
sketch of a horse and cart going over the bridge, but because we’re looking up
at the bridge, because the top of the bridge is above the horizon line, so in
perspective, anything above the horizon line we’re looking up at, because we’re
looking up at the bridge, the horse and cart, we will only sort of see the top of the
horses and the top of the cart, so they can just really be a sketch, I don’t need to
put in too much detail, I post a new video every Saturday on my
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  1. Thank you for doing a two point perspective that wasn't a building! This really helped me to understand how to apply this teqnique in enviromental drawings.

  2. Love all your perspective videos. So informative and concise. Also your voice is amazing ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›!!!

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