How To Draw Designs On Your Shirts | DIY Tutorial

How To Draw Designs On Your Shirts | DIY Tutorial

These are the shirts that I’m going to make in this video. They started out as plain white tanktops, but after some drawing they turned out pretty good. Start by getting a shirt. I just pulled white tank tops out of my closet. Non stretchy fabrics are the easiest to work
with, but mine are stretchy and they still turned out great. Get out your sketchbook and start drawing
some ideas. I’m going for some nice typography on my
first shirt and a rocket on my second. Put some paper or cardboard inside the shirt
to protect the back from any ink. Grab something you can use to draw on the
shirt that can come out later. I’m using this pen that disappears with
heat, which is great because it will disappear when I iron it the shirt. You can also try a pen that disappears with
water or over time, or some tailor’s chalk. Draw a rough version of your design onto the
shirt. My fabric is stretchy, so drawing a line is
next to impossible. I’m stuck with making dots, but it works. In case of lettering, like mine, it’s helpful
to draw a grid to get the letters all lined up. If you want, you can try the shirt on now, just to
make sure that you like the positioning and the size of your design. Grab your fabric marker and start drawing. I’m really starting to regret my stretchy
fabric right about now, because drawing this out by only making dots is taking a long time. But I’ve got a feeling it will be worth
it in the end! To set the ink into the shirt, iron the back
of the fabric. Make sure the ink is dry first, because you
don’t want to get any stains on your ironing board. I was so excited that I quickly got started
on my rocket shirt. This is a more freehand design, so there’s
no need to use a grid. I finished it by adding a whole bunch of stars
around it to make it look like a real space shirt. And I love this one too! I think this is such a great project. All you need is a T-shirt, a fabric marker
and your imagination! If you end up making one I’d love to see
it, so send me a picture! And of course, if you enjoyed this video,
then leave me a thumbs-up and subscribe for more. I’ll see you next time! Bye!

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