12 thoughts on “How to draw a sea shell, pebbles and a bottle of sand with soft pastels 🎨 SEA

  1. Beautiful! What is dot and line technique and where do you get Sandpaper 1000? What brand is it. I have 800 but it's beige.

  2. A fine and delicate work with harmonious colors,
    it is pure happiness for the eyes and heart.

    In a fascinating blue feel,
    The sea comes languidly to kiss
    The golden sands of the beach,
    Where multifaceted shells,
    Mutter words of my love,
    Who come to me in the caress of the breeze,
    Tell me about your longing!

    And I in my walk,
    By this shortcut of grains of sand,
    I let myself be drawn into the desire to embrace it,
    In an emotion that clouds my mind
    And my heart was drunk!

    I relive those times of passion,
    In which the two of us, as one,
    We shared our feelings
    And we carried ourselves in reveries,
    By bright skies of fantasy,
    In a fluttering of realized dreams,
    That made us so happy!

    The times have passed,
    Hours have softened the memories
    And the experiences forced the mutation of life!

    Now, love, we can only have this breeze,
    Who brings me the sweetness of your words,
    Murmured by shells,
    By the passion that memory does not want to erase.

    Have a great day.

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