How to Draw a Sailing Boat – How to Draw a Sea – How to Draw Clouds

How to Draw a Sailing Boat – How to Draw a Sea – How to Draw Clouds

Hello my friend and welcome to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and I’m so glad to see you again. Today we will do a very simple drawing, a sailing boat in the sea. We start by sketching the mast and the sail. Then the body of the boat. And a couple of sailors. I fill it in because it will be seen practically in silhouette. With some broken lines we do the reflection. I love doing reflexions, it’s really fun. We could practically leave the sketch like this and it will look alright, but let’s carry on, doing some shadowing for the waves of the sea and also some very simple clouds. With white pastel you can give some reflexions, which look very nice, as long as you are not using white paper of course. This paper has a greyish tone. It looks a little bit pale, let’s darken it, slightly. With a stomp you can smudge the pencil so it looks more even. We reinforce some shadows of the waves, we smudge them, And it’s ready. I would love to know what do you think about it. If you enjoyed it please give it a Like and subscribe to my channel. You know where to follow me and where the links are. And I’ll see you on Tuesday.

98 thoughts on “How to Draw a Sailing Boat – How to Draw a Sea – How to Draw Clouds

  1. I love your sailboat and I love your technique. I also enjoy the way you describe what you are doing . Let me add I love your happy tone. That's special!

  2. I love it you are so good I would like to do something like it but my hands are not as steady like when I was younger so Thank you for showing us your talents

  3. I love that pencil. Can you tell me what kind it is? Do you use a difference one for different hardnesses (2B, 4B, etc.)?

  4. I started drawing 4 years ago , I was so bad… god I can`t even describe it . But then I`ve watched some of the tutorials on YT and I ran across Fine Art-Tips , since then, I started learning more and more from this guy and other, now I can draw pretty well 🙂 This guy is cool and I`m glad he started doing YouTube.

  5. Тут есть русские? Ели русский – ставь лайк) Посмотрим, сколько нас:)

  6. I think it is awesome, gives me lots of tips and shows me just how easy it really is. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  7. really amazing.Best tutorial ever , mine is also looking great but i really can't make the clouds very nicely

  8. Okay that was good BUT….Watching you draw is NOT the same as learning how to draw so the title misleads us. I still have no idea HOW to draw a cloud just that you DO know how. All of which helps me not at all.

  9. Why would some one dislike this you know but I guess everyone has there own taste in art but mean look at its its cool what is there not to like about that drawing

  10. Is white pastel color the same as a normal white coloring pencil? What's the difference between pastel and oil pastel? Can oil pastel be used for a similar effect?? Thank you. I'm trying to learn how to draw.. 🙂

  11. You make it look so simple, My only critisism is could you draw a little slower so I can follow what your doing

  12. love it. I live on a sailboat in the Caribbean 8 months of the year and I have seen this allot.great work Leonardo

  13. You are so enthusiastic about what you do. I rarely leave comments, and you are the person who I will go to for drawing lessons. KUTGW

  14. Mr. Nieto, hello there, question sir, what paper size are you using in this video? and what paper do you recommend for beginners?, thanks for the help.

  15. Awesome video…
    Just Amazing…..
    u also checkout my drawing videos if u want…
    And subscribe…if u liked.

  16. Hi, I am beginner in sketching and want to learn. I would be glad if you tell me which pencils have you used..I want to try this one..I was just checking some tutorials and found out yours to be really helpful..thanks in advance.

  17. Love the way you put reflection for the boat… I learn so much from this video…👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  18. nice lesson..i wish to know how to decide on the size of the sailboat with reference to the horizon..can anyone help

  19. I can't even image how someone could criticize anyone who takes the time and effort to show us how to create this drawing and asks for nothing in return. Some people are truly jerks. As your mother taught you; if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all. I personally thank you sir for putting this video together. I certainly learned something from it.

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