How to Draw a Realistic Eye in Colour

How to Draw a Realistic Eye in Colour

Hi, Tom here and welcome to my new video How to Draw an Eye in Color, first draw the top curve of your eye and then a base curve and then we can draw a circle for the iris and a smaller circle for the pupil Next, draw a line for the eyelid Now I redraw some of these lines a bit, so that they all are okay and work together they are just guide lines at the moment Now we can erase some of the lines that we no longer want and tidy up the lines at this stage, Next, draw a smaller circle for the highlight of the eye best if it overlaps the pupil Now erase a bit of the line we no longer need in the pupil Next it would be good to make our first line darker, for this drawing I use a 4B pencil, any soft pencil will be able to make a tonal range like this It’s very useful to add a tonal range a graded tone underneath the top eyelid, because normally when you look at a person the lights coming from above and therefore there will be a shadow there and if you put that shadow in, there is going to make the drawings look a lot more three-dimensional Now we can shade in the pupil I will shaded it in twice, because I want it to be as dark as possible Once you’ve got the dark tonal range that you need for the eye that you’re drawing and maybe add some more graded tone to the right-hand side of the eye as well then it will be time to add some smaller details to the drawing Now it’s time to draw the lines in the eye these when seen up close are a bit like branches of a tree they are also a bit like spokes of a bike wheel, all coming out from the center Once you have some of these drawn we can add some color, for this drawing I’m using a blue pencil and making the lines blue and adding some pockets of tone in the lines as well There are many lines to draw, I’ll make the outside of the circle dark blue as well and then it is just a matter of this stage, of building up the marks and the tonal range of the blue For this drawing I’m using a watercolor pencil which means I can just add a bit of water to the drawing the blue bits of the drawing, and blend them in, in tones, if you’re not using a watercolor pencil, any color pencil will do, it’ll just take a bit longer to get the full tonal range by shading Now we can make the pupil as dark possible using a black watercolour for this and then make it wet and that will create a really dense black, but again any dark black pencil would do this very well too Next I’ll add some tone to the tear duct, in the corner of the eye And now I could add some eye lashes, these I draw by using one fast mark for each of the lashes, you can’t really improve on these fast lines, you just have to do more and hope they’ll be ok and stop generally when they’re working, so you need to look at what you’re doing and when it looks like it’s okay then I’ll just stop Now at this stage I’ll add some more tone to the eyelid and anywhere else in my drawing where I might need it, building up the tone over time Now the last step for this drawing is to use a black pencil to darken the eyelashes again with the firmer mark and then some of the lines in the eye could be darker too… I hope you find this art tutorial useful Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel Circle Line Art School for a free how to draw video every week Thank you very much for watching and see you next time! Drawing by Tom McPherson

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  1. Hi Tom, Have you ever considered making a tutorial about eye expressions.  Example angry eyes, sad eyes. It's nice to see your still putting up videos.

  2. Thank you soooooo much!!!! This is the simplest greatest least intimidating eye video I’ve EVER seen. Gorgeous drawing

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