How To Draw A Heart & Bow

How To Draw A Heart & Bow

Hello welcome to this video tutorial
brought to you by g tal I’m an art teacher for many years
already and today I want to show you how to draw a heart and bow. This video is actually
another one of my heart tutorials so if you want to learn more about this
topic just look at the details I wrote under this video and watch them all. so for this tutorial I’m going to use a
pencil and eraser and also I have two markers black
markers one is M size – stands for Medium and the other one is F for ‘fine’. The F
size is a little thinner than the medium one
okay so you should be able to follow along with me but if i am going too fast
and you want to just go back and study my steps feel free to rewind any part of this
video so let’s go ahead and start. I
use my pencil to draw the basic lines okay now I draw the ribbon that goes across the heart, comes out on the sides
a little this is the center and the bow is a little parallel to
the opening here of the heart okay now take me medium-size marker and go over the basic
lines. Now I’ll just erase the guidelines , I dont need anymore that’s it, okay now the next step is
going to add some darker areas for this heart to
make it more exclusive with a graphic design OK! one more line here Now what I’m going to do I
changing my markers to the fine size markers as you see it
has F and I’m going to add a little shading here see it’s thin lines like this Don’t put any pressure with this
marker. just let it flow okay that’s it’s how beautiful We are done!! Let me know if this helped you
by rating or commenting don’t forget to subscribe Thanks for watching and have a great day! by

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  2. Nice drawing. Please check my Wooden Coffee Label on my channel. You're welcome.

  3. احلى رسم قلوب في كل العالم كله وحنه صوتك حلو😙😙😙

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