100 thoughts on “How to Draw a Dragon Step by step and easy

  1. It’s a really good drawing but his hand was in the way the while time also by the time I drew one line he is five lines ahead and I’m not even going that slow

  2. You can slow down the speed of my video. Instruction is here in this link ► https://imgur.com/a/oVT4kHj

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  3. Omg this was amazing but you should have at least gave us some time to look at it I drew this and it came out looking nothing like your it came out crap. Not trying to be mean but I've been drawing since I was 6 and I'm 16

  4. why are there people who draw like small children getting millions of views and me, a small child (im only twelve) that can draw better than that at least get only 50 to 80 views a video?

  5. My brother is gonna make this dragon for me cause its hard also because im making my own pokemon and also what should the dragon name be Draco, Malefor or falkor?

  6. Hey! Just a little criticism, the back shouldn't be straight. I think you should work a bit on your anatomy because the tail at the start comes down so low that it is even below the butthole, making it seem as if the dragon doesn't have one. The claws are a little weird, so i think you should use some reference with like, crocodile claws, and then change it a bit if you want. The way the wings are drawn also looks a bit weird because of where they start, since the way you drew it makes it look like the wings can't move, or like, as if they're just supposed to sit there and not be used to fly. Try using bat wings as reference. Also, the way you drew The belly markings, when they come up on the chest, you shouldn't be able to see that much of it, since it's most likely trying to be drawn in The center of the chest, and not off to the side. The legs are also a bit short. That's all!

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  10. Its not really step by step because your not taking your handd off to show us your basically just drawing like we cant see

  11. ik she didn't move her hand but if u just pause it at some times u can see it and just wait till she kinda moves her hand and pause and then trace i did it the only thing that did not come out as good was my paws lol but other then that it was good now don't leave hate comments saying shut up or u must be drunk because trust me it works

  12. Yesh found it So i have art class im school and for work we had to sketch this Dragon 2d art we were watching on computer but im watching rn on my phone at 5 am

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