100 thoughts on “How to draw a dog for kids

  1. VERY EASY FATHER'S DAY CARD ► http://bit.ly/father-day-card

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  2. this drawings help me a lot to complete my english activity and i got good comments on the drawing thank you a lot this video help me a lott

  3. My sister thinks that her drawing of this dog looks terrible but everyone she asked thinks it looks great

  4. it is so cute I like your video this drawing is so easy and cute and beautiful I like your video and your drawing is best

  5. Im shock 🤯 that i draw a dog 🐶 from this video because when i was grade 4 my drawing is stick 😂

  6. Mmm…… u drew it from google!!!!!!!! I got it. It is so easy it drew it in like 5 min or maybe 3 min. But it good!!!!

  7. Omg! Omg! Omg! My drawing skills just upgraded! Woohoo! Tysm for doing this vid! If only i could show you my drawing love it!

  8. There one was a man with no arms, who got chased by some bees so he jumped into a lake, climbed over 2 mountains got shot twice, went to heaven and grew 2 wings, now we have a doggie 🐶


  10. Thank you very much,( I am doing a calendar project and i need detail so i wanted to add a picture and this really helped me a lot as im in a rush ) this helps since normally i am bad at drawing but this was much nicer and i drew very good and i love your own drawing.

  11. Now i now how to draw a dog i am 9 years old but my drawing skils are improving
    (Sorry for my bad english…)

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