How to Draw a Circle | Kids Art & Math | STEAM

How to Draw a Circle | Kids Art & Math | STEAM

Kids it’s time to doodle with Ziggy the
Doodlebug! (Ziggy speaks in doodlebug, a language made
up of gibberish) Da Da!!! Today we’re going to learn how to doodle
a circle Oooooooh You can doodle with us at home, all you’ll
need is a couple of things… Da da doo! A pencil! Ba ba boo! A doodle pad! Wa wa woo! And crayons to color in your doodles! Now let the doodling begin!!! Yaaaaaaa!! the first step to doodling a circle is…
to grab your pencil. Hold your pencil tight, so you don’t drop
it. Now before we put pencil to paper, I’m going
to teach you a special move to doodle a perfect circle. I call this move the ROUNDABOUT, because a
circle is ROUND, and that’s what it’s all about. While holding your pencil make a circular
motion with your ARM. Not your wrist Ziggy, you don’t want to
get dizzy. Use your WHOLE ARM this time, so you get a
complete circular motion… I believe in you Ziggy Now we know the special move to doodle a perfect
circle, put your pencil to the doodle pad, and doodle us a circle! When I shout DOODLEBUG… let the doodling
commence! Are you ready Ziggy? Are you ready kids? Here we go… DOODLEBUG! Great job Ziggy. You doodled a delightful circle. How did yours turn out kids? Well let’s look at Ziggy’s circle to get
a better understanding of this shape. Wa wa wa..? That’s right Ziggy, the circle is a shape,
a round shape. There are many shapes, and the circle is one
of them. It looks simple, but when we take a closer
look at Ziggy’s circle we see that the circle has many parts. Kids i’m going to name the parts of the
circle. Ziggy you can doodle on your circle where
the parts are, kids you can doodle along with Ziggy at Home. Ready… DOODLEBUG! The Center: The middle of the circle. Radius: The distance from the center of the
circle to its outer rim. Chord: A line segment connecting two points
on the circle. Arc: Connect two points on the circle by drawing
along the circle’s edge. Diameter: The distance across the circle when
you go through the center. The length of a diameter is two times the
length of the radius. The diameter cuts the circle in half! Circumference: The distance all around the
edge of the circle. Area: How much space the circle takes up. It tells you how much coloring you have to
do to fill the whole circle. Those are the parts of the circle. Did you enjoy that Ziggy? Blah blah. Well Ziggy, sometimes things you think are
boring help you learn, and then you realize they’re not really boring at all. Blah blah. Well Ziggy, here’s something you will enjoy. There are many things shaped like a circle,
objects and items that you see everyday. Here are a few… The Sun, a snowball, part of a snowman, an
orange, a baseball, a basketball, balls of all kinds, a moon, a planet, a crystal ball,
a button, a cake, a pizza, a pie, a clock, the rim of a glass,
the rim of a bowl, a frisbee, a manhole cover, a porthole on a ship, wheels, tires, lollipop…
whew… there are so many things shaped like a circle. Ziggy do you want to play a game yeh yeah yeah! Great, kids here is how the game will work… Ziggy will doodle things shaped like a circle,
and we get to guess what they are, and if you don’t want to guess, you can doodle
with Ziggy. Aww yeh yeh! Ziggy can you think of things shaped like
a circle yeh yeh yeh! Great, and if you want to doodle with Ziggy,
get your pencil, doodle pad, and crayons ready. When I say DOODLEBUG, let the doodling begin… DOODLEBUG! I know what that is, that’s the SUN! Kids can you guess this one… that’s right it’s a BUTTON!! Ziggy that’s a SHOE! That’s right kids, a shoe isn’t shaped
like a circle… it looks like Ziggy isn’t finished… oh… it’s a scoop of ice cream,
someone dropped their ice cream on their shoe, and it’s starting to melt!!! Great job Ziggy!! Awww…wa wa. Kids did you guess all the things shaped like
a circle? Can you think of other things shaped like
a circle?…. that’s fantastic, make sure to doodle them
in your doodle pad. A doodle pad is a wonderful place to create
all the magnificent doodles that pop into your mind. Speaking of the mind, an idea just popped
into to mine.. That’s right Ziggy! Kids, now that you know how to doodle a circle,
we can use this shape to draw whatever you imagine because it’s time to go … DOODLEBUG
CRAZY!! When i say DOODLEBUG CRAZY, grab your pencils,
crayons, and doodle as many wonderful, magnificent, and silly doodles your mind can imagine. Are you ready Ziggy…? Are you ready kids…? Here we go… DOODLEBUG CRAZY! Zigggggy! Ba ba ba…!! Awwwww… Ziggy, is it time for you to go home? (Ziggy makes a sad noise) Ba ba ba. It’s ok Ziggy… it’s ok kids… we had such a fun time doodling, and look at all
the wonderful doodles we created, but the day has ended; where the sun once was… the
moon is on the rise, and all doodlebugs need their rest, because tomorrow will bring another
day for doodling. And remember kids you can practice at home
to be as good at doodling as a doodlebug. Just open your doodle pad whenever you want,
grab your pencil, and let the doodling commence. And don’t forget to shout DOODLEBUG!!! Now it’s time to SUBSCRIBE to Socratica
Kids!! wah wah wah? That’s right Ziggy, you SUBSCRIBE by pushing
the SUBSCRIBE button with your finger. Push it Ziggy. Good job Ziggy you subscribed to Socratica
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